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Westfield, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- In the present times Epigenetics or its abbreviated form ‘EPX’ has become a very important field of research for scientists who are engaged in researching on the various disciplines that deal with the different human health and welfare issues. Scientists have visualized great potential in the field of epigenetics and therefore are trying to explore this novel field linking it with human health and welfare. There’s a company called EPX Body that is based on the science of Epigenetics. The entrepreneur of the company is Dan Putnam. With 17 long years of vast experience in direct selling he has founded this company to change the lives of people for the better; his aim is to give them a better future and his company gives them all the vital vehicles to have control over their wealth & health

Dan Putnam’s company, more precisely aims at influencing the lives of all its members positively by providing them with the optimum benefits of wealth & health through premium quality wellness & health products that are made out of the best quality ingredients and the products abide by a purely scientific formula that can help people attain the health & wellness goals successfully.

“Epigenetics is a theory intricately related to Science. According to this theory the goodness of science; (i.e. proper diet, nutrition and exercise) can be utilized to improve one genetically and what is most significant is that even the genetics of the many future generations that are yet to come can also be improved. Our company EPX Body manufactures its products abiding by the health-boosting latest theories of Epigenetics. Some of the major products of our company are EPX Body Cardio, EPX Body Nourish, EPX Body Nutri-Thin, EPX Body Thrive, EPX Body Detox, EPX Body Burn etc. Each of our products are highly effective, quality tested, formulated out of rich pure ingredients and are bound to produce sure-shot results within a short time span” says a team member

This company EPX Body is a company that pays heed not only to health of its clients but also to the overall well-being of all its clients which in these times of economic turndown can obviously come from financial security. To offer that to its clients the company offers all the required training & tools so that the clients can set up and run their own home-based business successfully, never facing any monetary fund crunch issues. At www.epxbody.com, the company’s official website people can also find lots of vital info on exercises & diet.

“EPX Body products are really amazing! I lost 10 pounds in just 7 days with one of their slimming products” says a happy customer. For more info visit www.epxbody.com

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