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Equinox Announces Tactical Laser Tag in San Diego

A cross between laser tag and paint ball, the game uses metal replica firearms


Lemon Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2013 -- Equinox Laser Tag has announced Tactical Laser Tag Games in the San Diego region. The laser tag company, started in 2012, caters to families, kids and groups of friends. Tactical Laser Tag is different from the other laser tag games in requiring more attention to detail and concentration and consists of metal replica firearms such as M-4’s, AK-47’s, Mac 11’s, MP5’s etc. The game is a cross between Laser Tag and Paintball and the guns used are electronic which means it is completely safe without the use of projectiles and enables gameplay anywhere.

The company emphasizes on the importance that laser tag games have in connecting people. The company states, “Connection only comes from the actual person to person interaction. By playing Laser Tag you elevate your heart rate, you breathe deeper, you smile, you laugh, move and play. These things combined with human interaction create memories that will be anchored for a lifetime. “

Laser tag in San Diego seems to have taken a new turn with Tactical Laser Tag which offers adjustments in health, damage, burst, armor, rounds per minute, semi auto, full auto, reload time, number of lives and so on. The company claims that the San Diego laser tag is pocket-friendly since no ammunition is needed owning to the guns being electronic.

Philip, who has hired the services of Equinox Laser on many occasions, said, “I have used Equinox four times now for different events and have been pleased each time. The equipment and technology is far superior to what other companies are offering.” As to the equipment used by the company, he added, “Equinox guns are fully customizable and reach amazing distances with precise accuracy.”

Tactical Combat Simulation laser Tag uses utilizes Infra Red Military Training Gear with the replica firearms utilizing IR data transmission along with muzzle flash produced by LED. The tactical laser tag game is suitable for ladies and kids as well. The games can be indoors, mobile or outdoors and the team can meet at different outdoor locations for the gameplay as well. On signing up on the company’s IR Tactical Meetup page, the players can become part of their Elite Group.

For more information, log on to their official website of Equinox Laser Tag.

About Equinox Laser Tag
Equinox Laser Tag is a company based in San Diego, California, started in El Cajon in December 29, 2012. The organizers Bradley Alt, Eric Christianson, Chris Mora Roco and Jake Haggery offers indoor laser tag, mobile laser tag, outdoor laser tag as well a tactical laser tag for families, kids and friends out to have fun. In the mobile laser tag experience, the company brings the laser tag experience to wherever the customer wants. Simulation laser tag games are also available like Call of Duty, Halo and Capture the Flag. Tactical laser tag required more attention to detail and concentration.

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