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Equip Your Gym Announces New Investments Into International Shipping Capabilities

Expanded staff and shipping capacity will help company better provide growing list of international customers with the top-quality products and service it is known for, Equip Your Gym reports


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- Equip Your Gym, a leading supplier of pre-owned and remanufactured commercial gym equipment, announced that the company has expanded its international shipping team and capacity. The new investments will allow Equip Your Gym to even better serve customers in Mexico, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and everywhere else that the company's offerings have met with increasing demand. With over twenty-five years of institutional experience with gym equipment, Equip Your Gym is one of the most highly capable and reliable companies of its kind in the world today.

"As interest in our products around the world has grown, we have been eager to keep up with the new demand," Equip Your Gym representative Gio Green said, "and our new investments into our international shipping team are going to help ensure that we provide every customer, anywhere in the world, with the kind of fast, satisfying service that we have become know for." As commercial-grade gym equipment is built to last for many years under even hard, frequent usage, a steady stream of high-quality pieces find their ways to secondary markets as gyms close or upgrade. Equip Your Gym specializes in tracking down the best of these items, inspecting them, and refurbishing them to offer to customers who appreciate the substantial savings involved compared to buying new.

The company's offerings, in fact, have become so well-known and appreciated around the world that international sales have contributed an increasingly large portion of its business. Thanks to the experience that Equip Your Gym staffers have acquired as a result, the company is now one of the top international gym equipment suppliers anywhere and capable of safely and routinely shipping often-heavy and -bulky gym equipment to destinations around the globe. In addition to developing productive, valuable relationships with a number of the world's top shipping companies, Equip Your Gym workers have become experts at packaging the company's products in ways that ensure that they will arrive at their destinations unharmed and with a minimum of fuss when passing through customs.

In fact, Equip Your Gym regularly handles all of the necessary details for customers in other countries, creating the bills of lading, packaging declarations, certificates of origin and other documents that are needed to allow for the safe, uninterrupted transport of customers' purchases. In addition, Equip Your Gym regularly handles the converting of electrical systems and television hookups on gym equipment to account for differences in customers' home countries, as with gym equipment shipping to Australia from the United States, meaning that most products arrive ready to use.

In addition to offering gym equipment for sale by the individual piece, Equip Your Gym also lists full packages that are suitable for equipping entire gyms at once. Once again, the company is ready and happy to ship these sets of equipment virtually anywhere in the world. The new investments into the Equip Your Gym international shipping department will help the company to ship its products even more quickly than in the past, and the effects of the investments will be felt immediately.

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