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Equipmentimes Manufactures Machinery and Equipment for Various Industries

Equipmentimes is an online trade window for production lines & equipment. It is a venture of Liaoning MEC Group.


Dalian, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- It is very important to contact a professional when it comes to various products in the manufacturing line. One of the platforms that helps in reaching out to the professionals is equipmentimes. Liaoning MEC Group is an independent manufacturer of the high-end machines and devices that are used to manufacture other useful things. The company develops wide range of machines such as 220kV power transformer. Its expansive factory covers 370,000 square-metres in China. Its range of development is comprised of, but not at all limited to, wood-working machinery, printing machinery, mechanical parts, food equipment, construction equipment and beverage equipment. It provides safe e-commerce environment for secured online transaction.

The range of machines developed by MEC covers more than 20 categories, most of which feature multiple products. The 220kV power transformer is a fine of the kind of machines that MEC develops for different sectors. The power transformer has advanced level of performers, is highly reliable, features load-ratio voltage regulation and ensures reasonable economical indicators. Its core joints are step-shaped with 3 steps while the core surface features cured-paint coat, which lowers noise and loss. The high-voltage coil has interleaved continuous structure, which improves the characteristics of voltage under impact and makes it evenly distributed. All pads and stays are chamfered for highly reliable insulation.

The core of the China machinery is made of highly permeable grain-oriented cold-rolled silicon-sheet, which is cut with German Geoge GmbH automatic shear line. The machine allows the cut burrs control within 0.02mm. Wide steel sheets that do not splice while folding into corrugated structures are used to make the tank walls. It enhances mechanical strength and decreases welds. The diverging effect of the corrugated walls decreases noise too.

MEC is a virtually complete machinery development company. Where it manufactures technologically advanced equipment, it produces supportive and supplementary products, such as the transformer oil, too. The oil is backed by 10-year warranty and sold at a competitive price by MEC. Totally non-hazardous premium-antioxidants are blended into specially-refined low-viscosity base-stocks.

The transformers prevent stoppage of operation due to floating ice in winter and extremely low temperature. Since heat-transformation is the main function of the transformer oil, rather than lubrication, its viscosity is relatively less.

MEC ensures its customers and clients legitimate and right protection. It has provision for various purchase services and is credible for nearly all the clients. The company also provides suggestion for professional purchase. MEC has started Equipmentimes to build an influential international third-party platform in order to enable SME achieve international trade facilitation with cost-effectiveness and high efficiency. Besides, there are a number of educative and instructive projects underway.

About Liaoning MEC Group
Liaoning MEC Group is engaged in development of high-end machinery and equipment for various sectors. It is based in World Trade Centre at Tongxing Street in Dalian. It has 50 years of experience in foreign trade, 18 years accumulation in e-commerce and launched Equipmentimes in 2013.


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