Perfx Health, Inc. Provides a New Alternative for Men of All Ages to Address and Treat Erectile Dysfunction Without Embarrassing Face-to-Face Doctor Visits

Because erectile dysfunction typically signifies an issue encountered by aging men, many younger men are too embarrassed to seek treatment. enables men of all ages to access online health care to address erectile dysfunction comfortably and privately within their own home


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2015 -- has revolutionized medicine, providing access to online health care to those in even the most remote regions of the country. By simply visiting, patients can receive treatment from U.S. licensed doctors for a variety of medical issues, receive prescription medications, obtain referrals and schedule follow-ups from the privacy of their own home and without costly, time consuming and embarrassing doctor visits.

Studies show that men, in particular, more frequently avoid seeking medical treatment due to embarrassment. One of the least addressed issues, especially among younger men, is erectile dysfunction. While erectile dysfunction does typically occur in men of age, more and more younger males are finding themselves encountering this issue and many are turning to for its treatment.

There are a variety of reasons why young men may encounter erectile dysfunction, including stress and anxiety, poor sleep, excessive alcohol or drug use, depression, limited physical activity and smoking. For this reason, the doctors at review each man's health history, medical conditions and lifestyle to isolate the real cause before prescribing the most effective method of treatment. enables patients in even the most remote regions of the country to access online healthcare by simply logging onto the website to schedule a telephone or internet consultation, usually within 60 minutes of the request. The physicians are prepared to handle a variety of medical issues, including:

Cardiovascular concerns;
Chronic disease, including kidney disease, Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases;
Diet and nutrition;
Digestive symptoms including constipation, colitis, stomach ulcer, stomach pain, GERD, etc.;
Environmental Health;
Fatigue and stress;
Hormones and metabolism;
Mood and Memory;
Sexual health;
Male Health;
Women's Health;
Weight management was created to offer health care alternatives to patients and companies alike, offering patients access to online health care by providing unlimited doctor consultations, ordering laboratory testing and dispensing prescription medications. For added convenience, the company has partnered with Walmart and Target, enabling patients to easily and effortlessly receive their prescription medications, that include free shipping, directly to their home or office for immediate use.

Adhering to the Obama Care Initiative by partnering with Telemedicine, may possibly be the only full service telemedicine and health insurance alternative platform currently available in the U.S. In full compliance of all HIPAA regulations and guidelines, all patient information is securely housed in their secure, online medical records charting system, enabling the subscriber and patient to easily reference the recommendations.

About has revolutionized the health care industry, now making it possible for those who would be otherwise unable to seek medical treatment to access online health care for a variety of medical issues, including erectile dysfunction.

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