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Studies Suggest Testing for CVD in Those with Erectile Dysfunction: Online USA Doctors Offers Alternative to Expensive Doctor's Office Visits

New studies have revealed a correlation between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, recommending those suffering from erectile dysfunction also get tested for CVD. Online USA Doctors offers in-home doctor consultations as a less expensive alternative to costly doctor’s office visits.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- New reports suggest an intimate relationship between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, estimating that over 1 million serious events like heart attack and stroke can be prevented over a 20 year span, simply by screening men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction for cardiovascular disease also.

The correlation between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease is actually quite intuitively derived, as the risk of both rises with symptoms like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity. This examination of the link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease was recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, and focusses mainly on the cost analysis of screening men for cardiovascular disease who are already undergoing treatment for erectile dysfunction. The study's author estimates that "If all men presenting with [erectile dysfunction] were screened for [cardiovascular disease], 5.8 million men with previously unknown CVD risk factors would be identified over 20 years… 1.1 million cardiovascular events would be avoided, saving $21.3 billion over 20 years. Similarly, 1.1 million cases of ED would be treated, saving $9.7 billion. Together, the reduction in acute CVD and ED treatment cost would save $28.5 billion over 20 years."

While the findings may be difficult for some to fully digest, the short and long of it is that men who are currently exhibiting signs of erectile dysfunction should also be checked for cardiovascular disease, as it will save both time and money, as well as prevent over a million men who suffer from this ailment from suffering serious repercussions associated with cardiovascular disease.

The question that inevitably arises for many men, is where to seek treatment for erectile dysfunction, especially finding a treatment option that is more cost effective than walking in to a doctor's office.

Fortunately, one company has the answer. Online USA Doctors now offers full treatment options for erectile dysfunction, as well as screening options for cardiovascular disease, as the company has the ability to refer patients for further testing, if needed, to local medical facilities, all at a fraction of the cost of visiting a doctor in person. Furthermore, Online USA Doctors, utilizing the vast Telemedicine network, allows men from around the country to contact, consult, and be treated by a leading specialist in their field, regardless of geographical location, all from the comfort of home.

With visits to emergency rooms or doctor's offices becoming increasingly expensive, patients are often forced to look elsewhere for treatment for erectile dysfunction, often on the internet or even self-treatment, causing serious and lasting side-effects. Fortunately, Online USA Doctors offers a variance of plans to fit any budget.

The individual plan starts at $5.99, and includes annual doctor consults, email correspondence to pose any health related question to your doctor, online access to patient health records, access to laboratory testing for diagnosis, access to prescription supplements as directed by your physician, convenient online scheduling, and ease of service all conducted from the privacy of home.

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Online USA Doctors also offer video consultation, a couples plan for two people, and fully comprehensive family plans that allow the entire family access to skilled licensed physicians nationwide, all available for a fraction of the cost of one emergency room, doctor's office or walk-in clinic visit.

With the link being drawn ever more clearly between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, men showing symptoms of either are strongly encouraged to contact a doctor to discuss treatment options and screen for other, possibly more severe, health issues today. Call Online USA Doctors at 888-315-9647, or visit for a full list of services and benefits. Only Online USA Doctors provides affordable health care options to anyone in the U.S., all from the sanctity of home.

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