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Ergo Kitchen Accessories Conducts Extensive Research to Improve Best-Selling BPA-Free Fruit Infusion Pitcher


Armagh, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2017 -- Ergo Kitchen Accessories is based in Ireland, Europe but they are operating on a worldwide basis by making their kitchen products and accessories available on the biggest online selling platform in the world, Amazon. They have recently shared in a press conference that there are new product changes and improvements to their best-selling BPA-Free Fruit Infusion Pitcher The company has involved their in-house product and research and development department to perform an intensive research and quality control procedures to further improve their pitcher. They newly-remodelled product is now available at

The researched showed that the best material for manufacturing pitchers is high grade BPA-free plastic. The company has decided to import this material and use this as the main component for their best-selling pitcher. Research has revealed that using BPA-free plastic has a lot of advantages. BPA when spelled, stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that is commonly used in producing plastics and resins dating from the 1960s. Research has also shown that this chemical may easily seep into drinks and even food. When one consumes BPA, it can cause negative health consequences especially negative health effects on the brain. For this reason, The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration advises everyone to buy BPA-free products. More and more companies are starting to create BPA-free products and one them is Ergo Kitchen Accessories.

The BPA-free pitcher has been collecting positive testimonials from its worldwide Amazon customer base. One of them gave them a testimonial that said, "Being a fitness junkie, it is very important for me to stay hydrated. Ergo Kitchen Accessories' fruit infusion pitcher has made me reach my hydration goals in a fun way. I can now enjoy fruit-infused drinks minus the calories and the sugar/ Additionally, I love that they are using BPA-free plastic and that the pitcher is very affordable while at the same time of top quality."

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