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Ergo Kitchen Accessories Releases New Version of Best-Selling BPA-Free Fruit Infusion Pitcher


Armagh, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2017 -- Ergo Kitchen Accessories, an international company based in Europe has released a new and improved version of their best-selling BPA-free fruit infusion pitcher The new version is now made out of imported high grade BPA Free Plastic. This makes the product stronger and longer-lasting than the previous one. The new material used makes the pitcher a lot safer and makes drinks taste a lot better. It is exclusively sold at one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the world, Amazon. Each pitcher bought online automatically comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ergo Kitchen Accessories is all about promoting fitness and healthy living. Aside from creating environmentally-friendly products, they also promote staying healthy and fit to their customers. For example, the new BPA-free fruit infusion pitcher was made for creating fruit-infused water. This means that one can fill the removable cylinder inside the pitcher with fresh fruits and vegetables and simply pour water on them to create infused water. Drinking infused water is another way to stay hydrated while enjoying a flavored drink that is sugar and calorie-free. Infused water is a healthy alternative to drinks filled with so-called zero calories such as sodas, colas, artificially-flavored fruit juices and the list goes on. These unhealthy drinks are packed with a lot of chemicals and calories that could cause obesity and even damage one's body.

When asked about what makes their new version of their best-selling fruit infusion pitcher different from the ones also available in the market, their Marketing Communications Manager replied that, "We are very proud that to announce that we are creating high quality kitchen products and accessories. Most enterprises are driven by profit and would just save on the cost of the materials while compromising the quality. For us, this is not the case as we prefer to invest on expensive high quality materials to also create high quality products so that the clients get value for their money."

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