Ergoprise Launches the First Programmable Electronic Height Adjustable Desk for Under $400 at Ergo Expo 2012 in Las Vegas


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Ergoprise, Ergonomics for the Enterprise and You, will launch its new, innovative “Sit 2 Stand” programmable electric height adjustable desk at the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, NV (Booth #620). This is the first height and width adjustable desk with a starting price under $400.00.

The Ergoprise S2S “Sit 2 Stand” Desk and Workstation product lines were developed to expand the ergonomic benefits of a height adjustable workspace. One significant feature that will be offered as a standard is a 4 stage programmable digital readout. This is normally an expensive upgrade on other electric desks. The desk offers substantial height and width adjustment. This element is unique as the desk can increase in size due to the individual space needs. So the user would only need to procure a new desktop as opposed to the hassle of purchasing an entire new desk. This feature really helps you save money. In addition to the standard features, the S2S offers treadmill and recumbent bike options. The S2S has a lower standard price than comparable models which offer fewer features.

Experts have known for more than 30 years that sitting all day is a major health hazard. Workers who sit in a fixed seated position all day have more pain and are far more likely to suffer from chronic health problems including obesity, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Adoption of adjustable desks is increasing due to the proven health benefits that they offer. More and more corporations are becoming proactive in their philosophy towards installing sit to stand height adjustable workstations.

Scientific evidence confirmed by studies concluded by Mayo Clinic, Cornell University, Texas A&M University and University of Missouri confirm the musculoskeletal benefits as well as weight loss advantages that using a sit stand-desk can achieve.

In addition to the workplace, our education systems are putting adjustable workstations in the classroom of students from the elementary level, all the way up to the University level. “The range of adjustability makes the Ergoprise S2S uniquely positioned to address the student user.” says Stephanie Gilbert, CEO, “We want to encourage our schools to take a proactive approach to preventing health issues that students may have later in life. We've priced the S2S in the range that should make widespread adoption possible.”

Join Ergoprise for the launch of the new S2S at the ErgoExpo, December 4-7 in Las Vegas Nevada.

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