Eric Durham's New Book, Giving Up the Game, Tackles the Games People Play Within Relationships

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- A new book that is available on Amazon entitled Giving Up The Game reveals the games that people play. Whether it's a romantic, business or buddy relationship, men and women have used schemes and strategies to gain the upper-hand over their counterparts. The book describes several tactics commonly used by cheaters, shrewd business people, and so-called friends. Now, respected author Eric Durham has set out to lift the lid on the games that people play in a relationships with his bestselling book.

This new book about relationships was written by Eric Durham out of his wisdom and personal life experience. The book reveals persuasive techniques used by gamers to manipulate other people in order to gain the advantage, sexual intimacy, or simply to satisfy an internal need for power and control. With the use of principles like reciprocity, social proof, scarcity and many others, gamers subscribe to several methods to obtain what they want. Many people even exploit friendships as a means to dominate a situation or relationship.

Eric Durham takes the helm to expose these injustices in order to equip a gamer's mark to avoid being easily deceived. Manipulation often is used secretly to achieve someone's goals at another's expense. Gamers come in all forms and usually leave a trail of emotional trauma and setbacks. Discussing topics like being lost in emotion, being able to spot a lie, and ultimately giving up the game, the book also contains important advice for people who are "milking the cow", dealing with porn addiction, and overcoming naiveté. Offering the best solution for these relationship issues, the author offers tips to understand what is in a gamer's mind. Perhaps giving up the game will combat the reality of eroding intimacy and broken relationships.


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About Giving Up The Game
The new book about relationships was written by Eric Durham out of his wisdom and personal life experience.