Eric Plummer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise $200,000 for the Smart Doorbell Pager

The Smart Doorbell Pager Allows Anyone to Answer Their Door, Sign For Packages And Even Receive Guests with a Cell Phone, Laptop or Tablet.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- The smart doorbell pager (SDP for short) is a wireless device developed by Eric Plummer. His insight from observing the needs of people who wanted greater control over how they handle visitors at any given time is what inspired him to develop the SPD. The SPD attaches to the outside of any front door giving cam-to-cam access to the main entrance of every residence or business. The result is a system allowing everyone to greet guests, deal with couriers and handle other visitors wishing to talk to the resident or business via their cell phone, computer, laptop or tablet allowing anyone to see who’s at the front door presenting several different possible actions

There are two different SDP models to meet the needs of every homeowner or apartment dweller. First is the master unit which incorporates GSM cell phone technology and is proven to work with most smart phones including Androids, iPhones and Windows Phones. The other unit is the slave unit which is identical to the master unit but does not have cell phone technology and is often used as an intercom and works with the master unit.

Other features include opening and closing doors, locking and unlocking doors as well as arming and disarming security systems while allowing the recipient to sign for their packages and important letters right from their smart phone, laptop or tablet from any room in their home.

Most master units and slave unit will feature WiFi and Bluetooth with an open architecture allowing for other technologies most existing and emerging. As Mr. Plummer’s company grows he is committed to expanding the product line delivering more models with different feature sets as well as other related products that are in the works.

The SDP is for anyone of any age and has found particular fondness in the hearts of busy professionals on the go who can’t always be home to handle things that come up. Also For those living with a disability, the SDP can be an invaluable labor-saving time to answer the door quickly and easily with no rush or pressure to make it to the front door on time. It is also Great for all business to keep in touch with employee and customers. These and many other applications make the Smart Doorbell Pager a welcomed new technology designed to make life easier.

About Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is sought to perfect development and roll out the SDP models via mass production. Backers to this crowdfunding project will have exclusive access to the very best pricing on the Smart Doorbell Pager that will very likely never be seen again.

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