Erica Goetzman Receives Cargill Community Hero Award


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Erica Goetzman is the recipient of the 2013 Cargill Community Hero Award for her work with the non-profit organization, Pause 4 Paws, 501c3. Cargill's CEO, David MacLennan, recognized Erica's work in the community on behalf of dogs and cats.

Pause 4 Paw's main mission is to raise money to help support local animal rescues. Erica serves on the Board of Directors writing grants, fostering animals, supporting breeder bill legislation, and raising awareness about the problems Minnesota faces in this area.

Pause 4 Paws is a unique organization that recognizes the acute financial need and resource deficiency that Minnesota dog and cat animal rescues face. They help support 18 organizations today by holding fundraisers and by the generous donations of corporations and individuals. Due to the limited number of human resources helping these animals and the smaller scale of the rescues in the "field" saving lives, their ability to spend time fundraising is difficult; they are focused on getting dogs and cats into safe environments and medical care. This is where Pause 4 Paws shines. These 18 animal rescues send a request for money or resources and Pause 4 Paws gives what they have available.

The organizations that Erica's non-profit works with span the entire state of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, some in very rural areas with little or no veterinary care for over 50 miles. Many of the dogs and cats need food, water, shelter, and urgent medical care. When they are picked up by the city, they may be taken to impound, where they wait for their owner to pick them up, and if they do not show, one of the animal rescues comes to care for them and assesses what the immediate needs are. These animal rescues are run by volunteers who swoop in to save lives. Some of the rescue organizations are located in such remote areas and getting food and supplies to the many animals they care for is a full time job in itself. And expensive.

Erica recently partnered with a transportation company who agreed to deliver truck loads of food and supplies anywhere in Minnesota free of charge. This service is beneficial to organizations whose truck broke down, or who do not have time to drive and then carry hundreds of pounds of food into their property. With this service, food is delivered to the rescue's doorstep.

Pause 4 Paws receives more requests for help and resources than they have resources available unfortunately. If you would like to donate financially please visit their website

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