Launches to Provide Internet Marketing Training for MLM Practitioners


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Eric Welke, a member of the Empower Network, has recently launched his own site dedicated to providing instruction in online multi-level marketing, or MLM training. The Empower Network utilizes a three-step process to empower individuals to start making money on line and quickly begin to drastically reduce their weekly working hours through smart automization of online business.

Now, Eric is looking at helping online entrepreneurs to make those businesses even more successful by utilizing a range of strategies that make use of his expertise in multi-level marketing and network marketing.

The site is keen to make a thorough introduction of the topic in question as well as the man himself, offering users the opportunity to sign up to a free newsletter, offering a free e-learning course on earning a real income through online business, and featuring a wide variety of blog posts covering all areas of marketing and more specifically internet marketing techniques and strategies.

Multi-level marketing is a sales strategy that incentivizes individuals not only to make sales themselves, but to recruit friends and associates to do so as well, in turn earning a commission from both their own sales and the sales of those they have recruited.

The blog itself covers a wide variety of matters, from online security and password protection, to Google+ shortcuts and tips for maximizing online marketing efficacy, and the emerging world of localized SEO for small businesses. The site also offers two buttons, ‘start a business’ and ‘grow an existing business’ which feature different options for how Mr. Welke can change your business practice for the better.

A spokesperson for Mr. Welke explained, “Eric has been setting up and successfully running business ventures of this type for two years now and lives exactly the life he wants to which includes travelling the world and teaching others how to do use the internet to grow their MLM business. The internet allows people to grow their business quickly and at a low cost if they have the correct strategy, knowledge and the willingness to take action. Using the internet is exactly what made Eric successful.”

About Eric Welke was launched to provide practical training in how to succeed in the Empower Network and network marketing in general. The site focuses on how to build a successful MLM business through internet marketing. Eric has almost a decade of experience in internet marketing and 2 years of experience in building MLM businesses online. For more information please visit: