ApplenMicro Reviews the New iLivingApp Mobile App

Many rumors about the new program named iLivingApp been evolving all around. This application is supposed to have some killer programs that would allow common people to get a piece of the $14 billion app industry. This review answers all the questions people have been asking about this app.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- The iLivingApp review is going to tell the readers about what it is, how it works and what people really think about it. Similarly the review also tells the people about the good and the bad aspects of the application. According to the review a person has to join the application first to get a detailed view of it. Interested folks may read the original post at:

To survive in the app industry a person has to mention something that nobody else in the marketplace has ever done. Initially no one in the app industry has their business models while their appointment marketing program has been around.

The program is very advanced in that account and their pricing model is very cheap. It costs only $9.95 per month to get associated with iLivingApp, plus the users get a chance to access to new money making businesses.

John Rodgers and John Marr have started this company. John Rodgers is the owner of the company named Savage Apps. The company produces thousands of applications and many of them are 5 star apps. John Marr has a long term partnership with John Rodgers in developing these successful apps. Marr is also an expert graphic designer.

Rodgers and Marr have been working very hard on marketing the application. When a company has a good marketing crusade and has everything mentioned on the website, this always proves to be a positive sign. The industry is overall being a legitimate company that is serious about its products.

Firstly, iLivingApp industry is a mass produced one. Secondly, price money ($9.95 per month) is very LOW. The app is so affordable that everyone can have easy access to it. As this is presently a huge industry, everybody can try to join their team.

All a person has to do is to offer something better than others. For that people need to join With easy step by step training one can easily get into the iLivingApp industry.

iLivingApp is built into the SOARnetworks marketing system so that people will easily get associated with the experienced team and get real opportunities for themselves.

Whether to join SOARnetwork or any other is completely up to the masses, but highlighting the company’s experience will surely help a person to work with iLivingApp.

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