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Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law - Announces Child Custody Assistance in Philadelphia This September


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- Individuals searching for a family lawyer in Philadelphia, who will assist them with their child custody issues, can rely on Erik B. Jensen PC – Attorneys at Law this September 2013. Nothing is more important to a parent than the relationship they have with their children after going through a divorce. By choosing Erik B. Jensen PC – Attorneys at Law, individuals will work out a custody agreement that satisfies the interest and addresses the concerns of the child (or children) involved. Erik B. Jensen PC – Attorneys at Law, have handled various child custody cases that have involved divorce and even the death of a parent.

During CASE ID. 009215710, Erik B. Jensen PC – Attorneys at Law, were able to gain full physical and legal custody for a maternal aunt over the biological father. The child was a 13 year old and did not want to live with her father and the mother had since passed away. The mother and father were separated and the mother whom passed of cancer asked her sister—the child’s aunt to take care of her. The aunt did but the father then filed for custody.

“It is a hard case to win because normally a father has higher standing than an aunt and normally the only way someone can gain custody is either through grandparent visitation right or through a Latin term called “In Loco Parentis” which means basically to step in the parents shoes,” a representative from Erik B. Jensen PC – Attorneys at Law said. “In order to gain standing the caregiver must have already been taking care of the child for a period of time and for the best interests of the child to remain with the caregiver.”

After a 4 hour trial of hearing testimony by mother, father and child, the judge ruled in the favor of Erik B. Jensen PC – Attorneys at Law, allowing the child to live with her aunt and only giving the father partial physical custody of only a few visits a week until everyone is able to have therapy sessions with a psychologist. “It was a different case because usually an aunt would not have standing in family court to gain custody of her niece especially over the biological father,” the representative added.

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