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Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law - Announces Child Custody Law Assistance in Philadelphia This November


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law, is pleased to announce they are now offering child custody law assistance in Philadelphia this November. Serving the entire Philadelphia area for over 73 years, Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law – has assisted individuals with various legal situations involving their children. By hiring the firm, individuals will receive their desired outcomes, including a custody agreement that is in their best interests and results that address their concerns for the well-being of the children. During the initial consultation with a family lawyer, clients will have their options identified, so they can compose a winning strategy and effective parenting plan.

Recently, Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law - had an oral argument in front of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania in regard to the Child Custody Appeal of Cohen v. Cohen No. 1045 EDA 2013. “In this case I represented the Appellee, Alexis Cohen who was granted an order to allow for her relocation with her child to Florida,” an Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law – representative said.

“The appellate argument was in front of a three judge panel including Judge Ott, Judge Donahue and Judge Bowes. The case came up on appeal from Montgomery County Court of Common pleas Trial Court after a 3 day bench trial in front of Judge Page. After which his honor felt it to be in the Child’s best interests to live with her mother in Florida and allow for liberal partial custody visitation with the father in Montgomery County. The father appealed and wrote a brief in favor of the appeal to Superior Court. We in turn answered by writing our own brief opposing the appeal and asking for Superior Court to affirm the Trial Court’s ruling. The standard of review is abuse of discretion standard which is a high burden for the Petitioner aka Appellant to be successful in his appeal. We are at this point waiting for the Judge’s opinion and verdict and are confident that they will rule in favor of our client and affirm the Trial Court’s ruling.”

Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law – is available for a free initial consultation. To make an appointment, please call 215-798-0544. The firm provides efficient service, accepting phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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