Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News Will Be Interviewed by Host Kristen Harper on Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy, & Motivated


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2017 -- Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News will be interviewed by Host Kristen Harper on Tips to Keep you Healthy, Happy, & Motivated (Voice America's Health and Wellness Channel) Radio Show November 28, 2017 at 3pm Pacific Time to discuss the many holistic doctor deaths.

As a long time "health nut," author and public speaker, Erin Elizabeth has had a passion for the healing arts for nearly 25 years. Starting in her teens, she worked for a green non-profit during her four years of undergrad. Later she worked in the tech and entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Erin has spoken to tens of thousands of holistic doctors at lectures since 2015 and has starred in various documentaries along with a show coming out this month on the Discovery ID channel. She's been featured in Documentaries such as The Truth About Cancer, The Truth About Vaccines, and That Vitamin Movie. Erin divides her time between Florida and her birth place of Chicago with her better half; Dr Mercola. Her site HealthNutNews.com has already cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide.

Erin Elizabeth continues to report the ongoing deaths of the holistic doctors. You can read an article she wrote titled "Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/. The total number of deaths as of November 11, 2017 is 78, which is indicated in this article.

Erin states: "Our goal is not to instill fear, but instead encourage people to speak up and be brave, in light of losing our heroes, who were all extraordinary people. Dr. Mercola (my better half) and I knew many of these doctors, and our hearts go out to their family and friends."

Radio Show Link: https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2687/tips-to-keep-you-healthy-happy-and-motivated

Radio Show Host Kristen Harper: https://www.kristenharperspeaks.com and https://perfecthealthconsultingservices.com

Guest: Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News: https://www.healthnutnews.com