One Handed Electronic Fishing Rod Crowdfunding Project Launched

With the goal of $40,000 Canadian dollars which translates to roughly just under that in American currency, the creator of the ERod, a custom built electronic fishing rod, has launched a crowdfunding project globally on the Indiegogo site.


Tiverton, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- An avid fisherman Paul Lauzon, a forty-one year old mechanical engineer who at the age of twenty-one suffered paralysis in his arm, has now used his cunning adaptive skills to bring handicapped sportsmen increased enjoyment.

“I’ve spent the last twenty years modifying things used in the two-handed world to suit my personal needs.” said Lauzon, Creator of the ERod. “Now, with this invention I can let others in on what normally gets me quite a bit of attention everywhere I go to fish."

As necessity is the mother of invention, Lauzon discovered soon after his accident that he needed a fishing rod he could use with only one hand. As a result he developed the ERod which is designed to not only be light and balanced but highly featured.

“The handicap version of fishing reels currently available are just standard reels with big bulky heavy motors and gearboxes. They’re usually powered thru a cord by a heavy external battery. Maybe good enough to just get by but definitely no equal replacement to the higher-end brands available.” added Lauzon.

Lauzon has tested the ERod for eight years and improved its overall weight, balance and power to match standard high-quality manual rod and reel combos. He’s done this to the greatest degree possible buy using light materials like billet aluminum, Delrin and Carbon fiber components. He also used small powerful planetary gear motors, simple to use and ergonomically designed electronic controls, and onboard rechargeable Li-Ion cordless batteries. All this is integrated into a standard rod and reel in such away that does not affect the integrity of the original equipment.

Currently in the third stage generation of design on the product Lauzon will begin assembly and testing of the ERod’s newest configurations. The funding project will support tooling for in-house machining and assembly, marketing, and large volume component orders to bring down costs.

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