Jean-Claude Carvill

Erotic Novel and Tantric Guide Combine in New Jean-Claude Carvill Novel


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2013 -- Jean-Claude Carvill has been publishing erotic novels in Europe to a appreciative audience. America will get a further taste of Carvill's sensual writing touch in his new book, "The Desires of Anais And her Stirring Sexuality (A Neo-Tantric novel within a guide to sexuality)". A guide to sensual and erotic lovemaking woven into a novel, "The Desires of Anais . . ." tells the story of Anais Sheppard, a wealthy woman and wife of a Beverly Hills politician.

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Abandoned sexually by a husband who takes part in serial affairs, Anais finds Louis, a man with whom she begins an affair of her own. Anais finds herself captivated by her new lover. Under his power she experiences a new world of exciting sex, and soon with a growing addiction to sex, she agrees to to sell her body both on the streets of LA and at parties for Louis's friends.

As she continues fulfilling her lover's every wish, she meets a man very different from any other Anais has known. Jean-Claude takes Anais from the dark path of sexual control to realizing her true potential in the pleasure she can give and experience, and the fact that she is, in reality, a sexual goddess.

Anais's lessons with Jean-Claude serve as an instructional guide in the art of deep tantric massage and the awakening of awesome sexual power. This erotic novel is aimed at anyone who wants to expand their own pleasure and intimacy.

About Jean-Claude Carvill
Originally from France and first published in Europe, Jean-Claude Carvill was once bluntly told he was too outrageous for America, and that he would never be published in the USA because American readers were not ready for his intense explorations of sexual fulfillment. However, he has found a strong readership in America with his previous three books:

* "Confessions of a Hollywood Tantra Masseur: The Untold Secrets of the G-Spot Power" 2012
* "Sex Woman First: Teach him how You come first" 2012
* "My Blossoming Orchid" April 2013

Jean-Claude Carvill is a Beverly Hills Sensuality Intimacy Coach with over 20 years of highly experienced professional knowledge in the Tantric, as well as other less well known fields of sexual and sensual pleasure.

Jean-Claude Carvill
Hollywood, CA