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Erthyn Volume 1 - the Uncertain Journey: Unique Sci-Fi Novel Examines Simple Aspects of Humanity

Urging readers to examine what they often take for granted, ‘The Uncertain Journey’ offers a sci-fi literary experience unlike anything ever released before.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- Many social and theologian experts believe that the human race takes its simple facets for granted. Now, in a unique literary experience, readers have an opportunity to dive deep into the world of science fiction, to ponder this debate in a rich and vivid story.

‘Erthyn Volume 1 - The Uncertain Journey’, by Terrance J. Pinckney, takes readers on a captivating ride into the heart and mind of its ever-changing protagonist.

In the midst of a cold winter night, as he sat alone in an alley desperately trying to conserve body heat, Malcolm Watters was uncertain. He had arrived only a short time ago, intent on fulfilling the mission given to him by the high council; but due to unanticipated circumstances, he had become ambivalent. It was a good thing that he had discovered clothing when he did, because if he had not, the bitter cold would have destroyed his newly developed body.

Though his outer being was made of flesh, his inner being—or Sige as they call it in the Collective Consciousness of the Ushara—was not of this world. He had been sent here from the opposite side of the universe as an ambassador, with the hope of forging an alliance with the beings of Earth. He could not have anticipated what would happen once he arrived.

If it were not for her, Malcolm might not have survived. She was an integral part of his development, and for that he was eternally grateful. She eased his transition into humanity with her kindness and intelligence—and by allowing him to experience a human emotion very similar to the Collective Consciousness: Love. However, this would not be the only discovery that would alter his mission.

What was intended to be a mission of peace and first contact yielded unexpected consequences, which would prove difficult to overcome for any human being. However, Malcolm Watters is not just any human being. He is a “man” of peace, but as he soon discovers, he is also a warrior, the likes of which the Earth has never seen.

As the author explains, readers are actively encouraged to think deeper about what they read.

“This is a unique story that takes a unique approach to Science Fiction in that it will invite the reader to examine the simple aspects of humanity that we as human beings take for granted,” says Terrance J. Pinckney.

Continuing, “The story has many layers and a main character that goes through unexpected transformations that drive the story line.”

However, as with all compelling stories, the issue of love lies deep at the book’s heart.

“One of the more interesting aspects of the story is the love story which is a part of the main characters development,” Pinckney adds.

Since its launch, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“This book was incredibly interesting in the way the author took us on the journey of the main character as a 3rd party observer in our world and his transition to becoming a part of it. This series can only get better!” says one reader, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

With an exciting series ahead, fans of the Science Fiction genre are poised to flock in their droves to experience all that Pinckney’s work has to offer.

‘Erthyn Volume 1 - The Uncertain Journey’, published by Amazon Digital Services, is available from: http://amzn.to/UeBrKh

For more information, visit the series’ official website: http://erthyn.com/

About Terrance J. Pinckney
Terrance J. Pinckney is a new author with great imagination and a penchant for storytelling. An Accountant by trade with an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology, Terrance has chosen to share his vivid imagination with those who seek literature that challenges the line between reality and fiction.