Ertiga Double Blower, New Grand Vitara, Suzuki Splash Matic Ready for Release in Indonesia 2013


Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2012 -- Good news came from PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) Indonesia, which issued three new variants namely Suzuki Ertiga Double Blower, New Grand Vitara and Suzuki Splash Matic. The issue will be on the third release latest variant has been circulating in the community. This is justified by the Managing Director of SIS when interviewed by the detikoto at the launch of New Grand Vitara yesterday.

Double Power's plan Ertiga will be launched in early January 2013 to be in one after another did the launch Ertiga Automatic Transmission. Double Ertiga Blower in the plan will come with air vents in the roof, which until now has been looked forward to by the people. However, the Suzuki is still not ready to divulge the exact date Double Blower Ertiga will be launched. When compared to competitors in its class, Ertiga Double Blower has the most complete specifications, in addition there is also a more spacious cabin space with the selection of quality materials in it that provide comfort for its passengers.

Unlike New Suzuki Grand Vitara which was launched on December 19, 2012 yesterday, the launch is causing great enthusiasm for the fans premium sports utility vehicle that had been waiting for the launch of the latest version of the grand vitara terbaru their cars. Already in the last 6 years this New Grand Vitara undergo refresher. Reliability of performance and exclusive images that are embedded in the New Grand Vitara car is making a car that is very in enjoy doing among young executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and the young at heart. By carrying the tagline "Discovery Redefine" New Grand Vitara is the first car to have to come directly from the original Japanese. There are some changes that appear from the outside, both the cabin and some new features. Its front grill design using model V and three grating lines that give the impression of more luxurious. Head lamp that packs more stylish multi-reflector halogen method that will provide maximum illumination. There are also changes to the reflector on the front bumper that looks more sporty with the position of a higher air intake making the New Grand Vitara is able to bulldoze under any road conditions. There is also a new design on the fog lamp housing which provides optimal lighting in the event of bad weather. If in the view of the interior, New Grand Vitara is dominated by shades of black with silver accents that give the impression of an elegant and luxurious.

Do not stop at that, also issued a Suzuki splash matic present at the February 2013. Launch Suzuki splash matic made considering the car market in Indonesia itself has experienced a significant increase in minivan-type vehicle. Because as the number of 4-wheeled vehicle enthusiasts in Indonesia, especially in the capital increase, the Suzuki Splash Suzuki took the initiative issued Matic hitherto car market turmoil. How not, the Suzuki Splash Matic comes with a robust platform and agile in maneuvering. Exterior design looked fresh and stylish interior comfort system that is equipped with advanced features bergai. Party Suzuki certainly very much hope that the presence of the Suzuki Splash Matic can be received by either the same as when the launch Ertiga some time ago. Mobil Suzuki news.

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