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ESA Medical's PM-720 Now Has 24 Pre-Programmed Functions


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2017 -- A quality electrotherapy product can sometimes be hard to come by. However, ESA Medical has many different quality products, with one of their most effective products being the PM-720. The PM-720 is a digital combination unit that offers both TENS and EMS all in one.

This hybrid device makes it possible for users who are experiencing chronic pain to also be able to strengthen certain atrophic muscles with the same device. A TENS unit helps with pain management by blocking pain signals before they reach the brain, while an EMS unit acts as a muscle stimulator. Having both is a two-in-one benefit for those who need to get back up on their feet and rehabilitate.

The PM-720 has 24 pre-programmed or preset functions: 12 for TENS and 12 for EMS. Having multiple functions streamlines operation and allows for a more intuitive use of the device. Along with those preset functions, there are also six TENS modes, starting with B (meaning burst rate), adjustable 0.5 – 5Hz, and spanning to other modes. There are also three EMS modes that include: synchronous mode, alternate mode, and constant mode.

ESA Medical's PM-720 electrotherapy device comes with 4 Self-Adhesive Reusable Electrodes for TENS unit as well as many other accessories like an optional AC adaptor or rechargeable battery kit that can be found in the product details on ESA Medical's website.

Contact ESA Medical now to purchase this device at only $45.95 by visiting their website, emailing them at or calling them at 800-834-TENS. ESA Medical also has TENS unit pads for sale as well; see their website for details.

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