EnviroSolutions Inc.

ESI Revises Lorton Landfill Green Energy Park Proposal


Manassas, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- At the request of the Planning Commission and the direction of the Board of Supervisors EnviroSolutions has been engaged in meaningful discussions with county staff regarding the Lorton Landfill Green Energy Park proposal. As a result of this dialog ESI has committed to significant further revisions to the Development Conditions and the application:

- ESI will further reduce the length of the requested extension to 2032. This is a reduction of 36% from the original requested closure date of 2040.

- ESI has agreed to lower the height of the engineered berm. View shed tests recently confirmed that the berm will not be visible from the residential neighborhoods near the landfill. Nonetheless, the berm has been lowered significantly, by 18 feet (25%), to a maximum of 52 feet along the western side that will reduce the visual impact from Furnace Road. The engineered berm is essential to provide the capacity for construction debris needed for Fairfax County’s redevelopment and revitalization goals. It also increases the stability and environmental protections on the landfill and is a proven technology utilized in 58 other landfills. Without the berm, there will be no green energy, no methane capture systems for the existing landfill, and a shortage of capacity for Fairfax County’s CDD beginning in 2018.

- ESI has agreed to provide the county with the resources through bonds or a trust fund to assure that the berm’s long term monitoring and maintenance requirements are provided for after the landfill closes.

- ESI has committed to the installation of solar renewable energy capacity in the initial and final phases of the project, replacing proposed wind turbines. ESI’s increased commitment to solar results in greater renewable energy output and guarantees the site will be a benchmark for municipal renewable energy. The wind turbine component was removed due to concerns by some about impact on birds as well as visual impact.

- ESI proposes to make improvements to the mixed waste reclamation facility across Furnace Road to create a state-of-the-art construction debris recycling center complimenting and enhancing the existing recycling programs at the landfill. ESI will restrict truck traffic access to this recycling facility to protect the road network north of the landfill.

ESI remains committed to further reducing the visual impact of the landfill by lowering the currently approved height to 395 feet, a reduction by 33% of the remaining available height. ESI will also provide $3.2M for local ballfields and recreational facilities and a renewable energy education feature for the public.

EnviroSolutions continues respond to feedback on the Fairfax Green Energy Park proposal,” said Conrad Mehan of EnviroSolutions. “This proposal provides the County long-term disposal and recycling capacity for construction debris, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3M tons over the life of the project and fosters renewable energy jobs and technologies in Fairfax County,” concluded Mehan