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ESI Waste Explains Benefits of Dumpster Rental


Manassas, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- Few people think about renting a dumpster on a day-to-day basis. Most simply place their trash into a designated receptacle, wheel it out to the curb once a week, and watch as a city truck hauls it away. However, those who live outside of city municipal limits in Virginia no longer have weekly trash removal services provided to them, making dumpster rental an option for weekly trash. A bathroom or other room remodel can also necessitate a dumpster rental, in order to store the large amount of waste such as old plumbing fixtures, linoleum and chunks of drywall. These are a few obvious reasons to rent a dumpster, and there are plenty of other great reasons to take advantage of a dumpster rental service, too. ESI Waste offers a short list of suggestions.

Construction Site Waste

Contractors and developers in Maryland or Virginia need a convenient and reliable way to remove waste from their job site. EnviroSolutions, Inc. can handle commercial waste at any capacity, whether a two yard, four yard, six yard, or eight yard dumpster is needed.

Special Events

A frequent problem at events such as fundraisers and festivals is that there are not enough trash receptacles present. This leads to mess and litter, as garbage blows out of overflowing trash cans and into surrounding natural habitats and waterways. A large dumpster is a must for a special event in order to accommodate a crowd.

Small Businesses

Piled-up debris, such as papers and cardboard boxes, can not only be distracting but also dangerous. It is an excellent idea for small businesses to utilize a dumpster rental service to not just keep the workplace tidy, but also help to prevent injuries and worker’s compensation claims.

Home Projects and Renovation

Those completing a home renovation such as an addition or a remodel, or even an outdoor project such as the removal of tree stumps or sod have the potential for a very large amount of waste to be created. It can be an enormous waste of time to haul this trash to an off-site location. Renting a dumpster can save time and make cleanup easier.

Moving Day

Since moving requires you to sort through all of your belongings, it is the perfect time to do some downsizing and get rid of old items that do not need to make the move. Dumpster rental can accommodate large items such as old bookshelves, exercise equipment, playground sets, tables, doors, couches, and rugs.

Dumpster rental is a convenient service that is appropriate for many different reasons and needs. For more details about efficient and expedient dumpster rental in Virginia and Maryland, please contact ESI today.

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