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ESI Waste Provides Multiple Landfill Locations


Manassas, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2012 -- Today, it is easy for all of us to think about something simply going “away” when it is thrown in the garbage. But when a piece of trash is thrown away in Virginia, DC, or Maryland, where does it actually go? Today, more than half of the waste that is created by Americans goes to a landfill. The system of landfills in America is one that is very complex, with numerous guidelines at both the state and federal level. These guidelines ensure that the hundreds of millions of tons of municipal waste that are generated in the United States each year are handled safely and efficiently, and in a way that protects our communities and our environment. They help to create and manage a practical system for handling the country’s waste by:

- Encouraging source reduction and recycling to maximize landfill life.
- Specifying safe design and management practices that will prevent the release of contaminants into ground water.
- Specifying operating practices that will protect human health.
- Protecting future generations by requiring careful closure procedures, including monitoring of landfill conditions and the effects of landfills on the surrounding environment (as stated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency).

At ESI, we understand each community’s needs and concerns when it comes to garbage disposal. Our landfills fully meet or exceed federal regulatory guidelines, and we provide multiple landfill locations to serve communities, including those within DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Lorton Landfill in Lorton, Virginia- This landfill is a construction and demolition landfill. Located in Lorton, VA, this landfill provides construction and demolition landfill services to Northern VA, Washington DC, and Maryland, and also provides recycling services for the area.

Big Run Landfill in Ashland, Kentucky- Big Run Landfill provides disposal services for municipal solid waste, construction and demolition, auto shred residue, soil, industrial waste, filter cake, and process sludge to local businesses and residents. While most of our business is local, we also provide long haul truck and rail waste stream services to this landfill. Our trains can carry more than 280 truckloads worth of waste, and are an environmentally-friendly solution: A single gallon of diesel in one of our trains can move one ton of waste over 400 miles!

Copper Ridge Landfill- This municipal solid waste landfill is located in Caples, West Virginia, which is 60 miles south of Charleston, WV. It provides service to local businesses and residents, including those in Virginia. Long haul services similar to those at the Big Run Landfill are offered, and we also accept construction and demolition waste, auto shred residue, soil, industrial waste, filter cake and process sludge at this location.

While federal and state guidelines exist to ensure the environmental safety of every landfill in the nation, private citizens and businesses have a responsibility, too. Each person should choose and support a landfill company that wholly complies with all regulations. EnviroSolutions, Inc, proudly acts in accordance with all federal and state landfill guidelines, offering a comprehensive and effective solution for waste transfer, hauling, processing, and disposal. Visit ESIWaste.com today for a complete list of our services and service stations and to learn more about why we are “The Answer to Waste.”