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ESI Waste Offers Tips on Cleaning Up After a Hurricane


Manassas, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Hurricane Sandy made headlines over the weekend, being dubbed “Frankenstorm” by the media due to its close proximity to Halloween and the strange landfall location. It has been described by many as both a hurricane and a nor’easter, but the truth is that this storm is a combination of different factors. A full moon means higher tides, potentially being whipped up into massive waves by the wind of the hurricane. At the same time, a cold front and an arctic wind are poised to intercept and combine with the hurricane, potentially leading to a combination hurricane and blizzard.

With winds of up to 50 miles per hour and gusts exceeding 75 miles per hour according to one source, damage could be extensive along the east coast with the strongest winds affecting the Northern Virginia to Massachusetts region of New England. West Virginia has already seen snowfall in excess of two feet. With such a potentially damaging storm already on us, you may be wondering what to do in the aftermath, after the storm passes through. ESI Waste provides the following tips:

- Assess the Damage: Depending on your homeowners’ insurance policy, your first step may be to determine the extent of damage which has occurred on your property. Determining what cleanup is necessary could allow you to file a claim on your insurance for repairs to your home. Likewise, auto insurance policies sometimes cover damage from natural events such as hurricanes. The money saved by filing these claims allows you to be better equipped to clean up the damage around your home.
- Consider a Professional Cleanup Crew: Depending on your career, you may not have time to clean up from the storm on your own. As such, a professional cleanup crew may be a good option if you have the resources to hire them. Such a crew will take care of not only the labor around your yard, but the proper disposal of all of the debris.
- Rent a Dumpster or Roll-Off Container: A dumpster or roll-off container can be rented for your property, and will be delivered by the waste management company it is rented from. These containers vary widely in size, with the smallest roll-off container being larger than the largest dumpster offered in most cases. An assessment of the debris on your property should give you a good idea of the space that you will need, as well as how many times the waste company should empty the container before removing it from your property. Generally, the debris caused by a major storm is significant enough that a roll-off container is often necessary to remove large items, such as fallen trees, from your property.

After a storm like Hurricane Sandy, there may not be damage, but there will most certainly be debris. As such, it is often best to schedule your container drop-off before the storm hits. This allows you to receive timely delivery despite the downtime which will have occurred due to the storm. A dumpster or roll-off container rental offers the most cost-effective solution for cleaning up your property and getting things back to normal. Visit ESIWaste.com today for more information about dumpster and roll-off container rentals.

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