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Esquire Defense is a Dedicated Orange County DUI Law Firm


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2012 -- It’s not always easy to find a legal team you can trust when you are faced with serious legal matters that have a possibility for severe penalties. Expertise and individual attention is needed from a dedicated legal team looking out for the most favorable outcome. Esquire Defense offers such legal expertise as an Orange County DUI attorney serving the Southern California area. They pride themselves on professionalism and integrity as they vigorously represent their clients during the entire legal process until the case is resolved.

When legal issues strike you and your family, you need a team that will take the time to explain the process and options as they answer questions without feeling rushed through your concerns. It’s best to secure expert representation from the beginning in order to retain professional guidance during your case. Especially if you have been arrested and charged with a crime; it’s of utmost importance to work with legal representation that has specialized expertise in your specific area. As part of your legal defense team, they want to obtain the most favorable outcome available and time is critical for gathering both witnesses and evidence.

Although the team at Esquire Defense can represent all of Southern California, a majority of the clients are within the Orange County area. For example, they have also successfully represented clients in the nearby Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. The local service has allowed them to become familiar with the local court system in that area. Their knowledgeable legal representation is focused on protecting your rights.

Esquire Defense specializes in advising their client on DUI related issues in the Orange County area since driving under the influence is aggressively prosecuted. In fact, the penalties for DUI related offenses have increased recently, which is one more reason to reach out of you are looking for an Orange County DUI attorney. They understand that anyone can be affected by these types of legal accusations and confidentially offer initial consultations to those who may need it. A DUI charge covers not only alcohol, but illicit and prescription drug related incidents where a vehicle is involved. Those types of situations should not be left to “general council” because expertise in the DUI field is paramount to understanding all the nuances each specific case has to offer. At some point, if you or your family member is in need of legal advice related to driving under influence (either drugs or alcohol) you can be confident that a successful legal team at the Esquire Defense Law Group has your best interests in mind.

Esquire Defense is available to provide discreet and professional advice related to multiple criminal charges and legal issues, not limited to DUI. From your first consultation through the completion of a trial you will be treated with compassion by the entire staff. You may have questions or you may be looking for a “silver bullet” to answer all questions, but there are no such catch all answers as each case has its own complexities. You should also consider an attorney near your home as this will help with meeting and reviewing your case in person and cut down on travel.

DUI is a common offense, so some attorneys may say they have worked in this environment before, be sure to use a firm like the Esquire Defense Law Group with expertise in current DUI litigation. Laws related to DUI related offenses can change so you want a team that is acquainted with the local judges and court systems. Choosing the right Orange County DUI attorney is an important decision for both you and your family.

As a firm with over a decade’s legal experience in the Criminal Defense field, Esquire Defense Law Group has been providing the best possible criminal defense for all of it’s clients throughout the Southern California area. It’s important to have a team that has your back and presumes you’re innocence until proven guilty, rather than the other way around. Experience should be based on a track record with countless DUI cases and results that protect clients. That is the best evidence of a firms qualification in court.

There are obvious factors when considering a DUI attorney, such as background and experience. Esquire Defense knows that DUI is a specialized area of the law and devote their legal knowledge to those clients requiring results. Look for a team that can both respect and work with the legal system and stand up and fight for your rights!

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