MyRreviewsNow Introduces The Webster's Academy Essay Writing Course For Immediate Online Access

MyReviewsNow is pleased to announce its new affiliation with the Webster's Academy for Excellence in Writing. The online program provides instruction on how to prepare, construct and write essays, reports and research papers.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2011 -- The Webster's Academy essay writing course is now available at a reduced rate for a limited time to those who choose to try the course. The course uses a seven-step process to help users develop their creative writing ability.

Webster's Academy for Excellence in Writing is geared towards anyone who needs to get the most out of their writing experience, specifically high school and college students, home schooling parents, business executives and even up-and-coming authors. The techniques used by the Webster's Academy essay writing course can be applied to almost any type of writing.

The seven-step program uses the acronym A.D.V.A.N.C.E. to emphasize the individual parts of the essay writing techniques. The programs are divided into seven steps that take the user through the essay writing process from start to finish. This includes an explanation of the different types of essays and how each of these is constructed. The Webster's Academy essay writing course presents ways to approach the research and writing process involved with putting an essay together.

- A - Analyze the audience
- D - Determine the structure
- V - Validate your viewpoint
- A - Assemble the structure and add style
- N - Notation and citation
- C - Conclusions and introductions
- E - Edit and enunciate

The online program includes video training and a reference guide that can be downloaded to refer to during the writing process. The cost of ordering all the components of the program or a private tutor adds up quickly with dollar figures into the hundreds. Webster's Academy essay writing course is now available for $97. The program can be purchased and downloaded entirely online.

Users do not have to download the video training directly to their computer. The videos are hosted on servers and do not take up extra space on the user’s hard drive. It is similar to the way a YouTube video is viewed. The videos can be viewed several times. Users can, however, download the videos if they so choose.

The video training is not available in DVD format because of compatibility issues. It is also easier to update the videos when they are available online. Those who download the videos may watch them even without internet access. The course is ideal for children and adults alike. Instruction is given in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

The training is divided into chapters. These chapters cover techniques used to write a successful essay. Some of the topics covered include the basic structure of the different types of essays and how to write essays that are range from two pages covering a single topic to 15-20 page essays exploring a topic in depth.

The program can be useful in several situations. Parents homeschooling their children, a busy executive with a report due soon and a stressed out university student struggling to write a paper can all benefit from the Webster's Academy essay writing course. A common problem for those who need to write an essay is not so much the ability to do it, but how to get started. Additional information on the Webster's Academy essay writing course is available online through its FAQ page.

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