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Essential Items in a First Aid Kit in Readiness for a Disaster


NSW, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- The recent surge in the number of disasters being faced by this world every day is testament to the fact that no one is safe from the catastrophes seen almost daily. In fact, statistics prove that two disasters occur after every one week in the world and that no one is safe from the wrath of either natural or man-made disasters. There is a thirty percent chance that any living being will be affected by a disaster that strikes in the area that they live in or around that particular area. That is why it recommended that one should always keep their emergency supply kit ready and fully stocked.

The question then arises what should be stocked up inside a disaster supply kit. First and foremost, the supply should contain an excess amount of food and water, preferably something that does not need to be cooked; something like canned food that just needs to be warmed. Water and food supplies must last at least till thirty days. It will also be advantageous if victims have a place to hide when disaster strikes and so, it is important to make sure that the kit also has a supply of some form of shelter. Opting for waterproof tents will be better.

The single most important thing that people need to stock up on is a first aid kit. First aid kits are important because there will not be any availability of medical help in the case of disasters and people will not be able to go to doctors, at least not immediately. Any professional will be able to convey that an untreated wound can quickly go on to become a fatal infection. A first aid kit must include things like bandages, tweezers, aspirin packets, scissors, a breathing barrier, gauze pads, adhesives, cold compressors, oral thermometers, space blankets, different ointments and various antiseptic wipes. A guide on how to use the first aid box effectively will also be advantageous. One can pack up on a number of different kits like a doomsday survival kit, a hunting survival kit or a survival kit in the case of estrangement.

Getting skilled in first aid CPR training will also be a good backup in the case of emergencies.

About Personalsurvival is one of the many disaster preparedness preppers that aim to help users in figuring out ways to survive natural disasters. It gives survival tips on a number of different emergencies that users may fall into and tips on how to emerge victorious against them.

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