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Estolano Law Offers Legal Services for Immigration and Divorce Cases in Chula Vista

Estolano Law is a law company based in Chula Vista, which represents clients in immigration, family law, and other cases. At Estolano Law, they have experience in litigating complex cases for clients and defending them in claiming their immigration rights.


Vista, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2020 -- Estolano Law is owned by a Spanish speaking lawyer, Ray Estolano, who has over twenty years of experience in representing clients and helping them fight for their rights in Chula Vista, CA, USA. Ray Estolano is a trial attorney and prosecutor for legal immigration processes, child support, paternity actions, divorce, child custody, criminal law, and family law. At Estolano Law, they offer electronic representation services to clients in other countries. They also help in soliciting for clients in cases of a serious felony, juvenile, and misdemeanor. They represent their clients in cases also involving federal and state court too. Estolano Law meets with clients in Mexico and Tijuana, thus, providing affordable resolutions to clients for immigration cases.

Answering a query, Estolano Law's spokesperson commented, "Estolano Law has a solid record in representing clients in immigration cases which ranges from family petitions to deportation defenses. Ray Estolano is also a proud member of the America Immigration Lawyers Association. At Estolano Law, we support endeavors to lobby for improved immigration law. We also assist immigrants to expand their rights through our successful advocacy".

At Estolano Law, they offer legal immigration services, which include fiancée visas, permanent residence, family immigration, derivative citizenship, removal defense, naturalization, among others. They have their immigration office in Chula Vista, California, to serve clients having immigration issues as well as immigration waivers issues. Immigration waivers are necessary to waive bars for spouses intending to immigrate their spouse who is living in the USA illegally. Thus, this can help to gap the international borders existing between couples.

The spokesperson further added, "One of the most cumbersome things to encounter is the hope of losing your ability to live in the United States of America because ICE has surfaced in your life. Being an immigration defense firm, we will provide you with a clear-headed vision of your available options. Even as no case is guaranteed, we have fought several immigration cases and won. You can consider Estolano law if you need aggressive representation services".

Estolano Law also provides Spanish speaking attorneys to offer immigration services in Chula Vista, California, at competitive prices. They help clients in removal defense cases when they have just been unjustly deported from a country to help them defend their rights. Estolano Law's immigration legal services can be of great help in uniting spouses and families by bringing them legally to the USA.

About Estolano Law
Estolano Law provides legal services like family law, immigration law, child support, paternity actions, child custody, divorce, criminal law, and more. They also assist couples having issues in their marriage to provide the best divorce lawyer in Chula Vista to evaluate the grounds necessary for a spouse to file for divorce. Hence, Estolano Law's divorce lawyer may represent its clients in court without their physical appearance in court since the client has already reached an agreement on the divorce processes.