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ESURE Insurance Implemented Organised Feedback's Idea Lab Solutions for Effective Idea Exchange Within Their Organization

ESURE Insurance’s decision to make use of OrganisedFeedback’s Ideas Lab tool is a crucial decision that the company made and will not regret for the rest of their existence in the industry.


Edinburgh, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- “We were looking for an idea management system that was cost effective, quick to setup, required minimal training to use and could be accessed securely by the whole company. The OrganisedFeedback solution was perfect - with minimal involvement from our own IT Department we had the forum up and running within 2 weeks of the selection meeting. A week later we had 67 new ideas; 115 in the first month. A year on and we are at 212 and counting!”

Such is the testimonial of ESURE Insurance with their OrganisedFeedback experience. They primarily required a tool that would enable an effect exchange of their ideas, specifically within the 150 people that ESURE has in their IT department. It was then that OrganisedFeedback introduced “ideas 24/7” module as a tool for discussing concepts and options within the company. The tool paved way for the IT department of ESURE to collate alternative viewpoints and to efficiently share the knowledge of the people working for ESURE.

The pilot project of ESURE’s IT department was supported by the company’s stakeholders. Implementation of the said tool was then adopted by the entire company. Primarily, the goal of ESURE in implementing IdeasLab is to generate greater employee involvement and innovative ideas.

Significance of Project Management Tools Like Ideas Lab by OrganisedFeedback

Project management is a rising turf used progressively more by businesses of all sizes and industries. As entrepreneurs and company executives deal with the day by day responsibilities of running a group, it is imperative to use devoted project managers to supervise projects from commencement to completion. Understanding valuable project administration techniques helps organizations carry out large-scale projects on time, on budget and with negligible interference to the rest of the business.

While a business is a constant and continuing process, a project is a transitory undertaking aimed at producing an exceptional product, service or method. In many cases, this inimitability means there aren't any outline or steps in place to grow the end product. Project managers have know-how and knowledge in creating plans to deliver these items. In addition, they seamlessly integrate resources across a company's departments and utilize communication, planning and budgeting skills to bring projects to completion.

Several business projects entails extensive preparation that affects every department or facet of a business. Implementing the scheme may mean dealing with human resources, budgetary and provides constraints. Official project managers are skilled in project management techniques definite to dealing with one-time projects. They can generate plans to manage interdependence and deal with resource variances. Organizations making use of project management to observe and manage processes and schedules can more effectively complete their projects on a timely manner and with ample budget.

ESURE Insurance’s decision to make use of OrganisedFeedback’s Ideas Lab tool is a crucial decision that the company made and will not regret for the rest of their existence in the industry.

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Organised Feedback’s mission is to make their application the natural place that companies and organizations turn to when they want to write down and share an idea – no matter where they are. Simplicity is their overarching premise, guiding them in creating an application that is simple for casual users to use yet comprehensive and robust enough for power users.