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Etech 7 Inc., Announces Benefits of Planning a Network Maintenance Solution


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Etech 7 Inc. has become a very common name in the industry of online marketing. Everybody wants to work with them because they are known for their quality performance in the market. Recently in an internal conference, the company announced the benefits of planning a network maintenance solution. For any organization, networking is a very necessary element so that the staff can communicate with each other easily without much issues and an important message is conveyed.

“One key component of any solution your network eventually attains will be that of expanding volume. In time, your company will expand outward in almost every way. Your website will experience heavier traffic, your email server will deliver more messages to most parties and your company will hire more people. With each new expansion, your network will need more maintenance and may even need it more often. These additional maintenance requirements should be on your mind during the initial setup phase of your business, as they will become important as soon as your network is up and running. Since downtime is rarely an acceptable part of IT, you need to be ready to meet these kinds of challenges. At the point where your network is established and working well, working with an outside IT company can be extremely useful in forming your ultimate network maintenance solution.” said Emil Isanov CEO at, Etech 7 Inc.

The best time to outsource a company's network maintenance solution is when the network is already firmly in hand and all the major problems are solved. Keep in mind that with IT outsourcing or the use of any kind of service, the best time to employ such services is when they are not strictly needed. The ultimate responsibility for maintaining computer network should always be the owner's.

The worst time to seek outside server network support is when the company is struggling to find a solution to the problem and hoping for a quick answer. These types of answers are almost never cost effective, and often their time to implementation is delayed by other factors within the company. Any time there is even a hint of desperation while the company seeks a solution, there will be additional problems down the line caused by improper implementation and greatly raised costs.

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Etech 7 Inc. is a technology services company dedicated to providing superior quality service to a wide range of businesses. Leveraging state of the art software and world class service, Etech 7 Inc. strives to deliver affordable and reliable solutions for all technological needs.

Any business of meaningful size needs computer networking, backup and disaster recovery, search engine optimization, website development and management, social media management, and inbound marketing. Etech 7 Inc. lightens the burden of a full time IT and internet marketing staff by allowing companies to outsource professional setup, routine maintenance, emergency assistance, project development, for IT solutions and internet marketing.