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Eternal HGH Launches Increased Research Efforts Pertaining to HGH Supplementation


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Medical research indicates a muscle loss of approximately 3 to 5 percent each decade subsequent to the age of 30. Both aging and lack of adequate physical activity are believed to be contributing factors to this condition, known as sarcopenia. Once this loss of muscle mass begins, weakness and fatigue ensue, leading to a further decrease in activity and accelerated loss of muscle tissue. Studies have proven that decreased human growth hormone production after the age of 30 is responsible for initiating this cycle of deteriorating tenacity and mobility. In an effort to return muscle mass and energy levels to those suffering from sarcopenia, Eternal HGH has launched expanded research and public education efforts regarding the benefits and side effects of using hgh supplements for reversal of the aging process.

Dan Thomas, spokesperson for Eternal HGH, stated, "The first practical use of human growth hormone applied to children who lacked adequate growth rates prior to puberty. Human growth hormone supplements successfully provided up to 3 inches of additional growth for children not meeting the standard height requirements for their age. Following the success of hgh in children suffering from stunted growth, studies began concerning the use of the hormone in elderly patients. Research has ascertained depleted levels of hgh in later adulthood is directly related to loss of muscle mass and function, as well as excessive weight gain. By halting the decrease in human growth hormone production through the use of hgh supplements, we are able to maintain muscle composition and offer elderly patients the opportunity to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle."

Thomas continued, "As is the case with any supplement, some negative side effects result from the use of this hormone. Most commonly, hgh side effects constitute elevated blood pressure, swelling, mild joint pain, inflammation leading to carpal tunnel syndrome and heightened insulin resistance resulting in diabetes. Diabetic tendencies seem to appear during the first 6 months of hgh treatments; however, this particular side effect generally fades following acclimation to hgh supplementation. Surveys performed on those participating in human growth hormone replacement dictate the majority of elderly patients feel the benefits of healthier, more active living far outweigh the risks involved."

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Eternal HGH is a medical research company dedicated to improving and prolonging the physical condition and agility of elderly patients suffering from sarcopenia through the use of hgh supplements. They provide information regarding studies and applications of hgh, enlightenment pertaining to the risks and benefits of using these hormone replacements and access to the purchase of various available forms of human growth hormone supplements.