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Eternal Youth - Could HGH REALLY Be the Secret Answer?


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Eternal youth seems to be the modern-day obsession of new (and even older) generations. Billion-dollar businesses are feeding on people’s dreams to look younger, lose weight, have endless amounts of energy, impeccable focus and brain functions.

Could the answer to the eternal youth hype really be as simple as one word?

The Human Growth Hormone, also known as HGH, obviously has exactly this to offer to the human body. When the production of HGH increases, the overall brain activity enhances, and therefore, spreads out as a positive effect on every single cell in our body. It has been scientifically observed that higher levels of HGH are linked to a healing effect on the entire body, stimulating the repair and growth of tissue, bone, and muscle, and supplying essential amino acids to the cellular system. Various studies have been successful to reveal how the human growth hormone tends to grow and develop during sleep and has miraculous healing and anti-aging effects on the whole system. The other wide range of benefits that the increase of HGH in the body includes muscle repair, youthful skin, high increase in energy as well as the sex drive, which is what most people are looking for in the first place.

The fact that enhanced production of hgh also tends to have an immediate and long-term effect on weight loss is not to be underestimated as well. Many medical professionals and experts have conducted experiments and studies which completely testify to these claims and prove how HGH increase in the body can be immensely helpful for individuals who wish to secure a happy and healthy future for them in the long run.

Another hidden secret is the fact that Brainwave Entrainment – a relatively cheap and scientifically tested technology can now be used for the purpose of increasing the Human Growth Hormone Development.

Brainwave Entrainment is an extremely effective, much cheaper, NATURAL alternative to HGH supplements. The effects of brainwave entrainment have been documented with numerous tests and studies, and it has managed to trigger the attention of countless people worldwide. With brainwave entrainment, the pituitary gland is still the source that produces HGH, rather than an external, artificial source. It has been observed that human growth hormone is produced when people listen to brainwave entrainment tracks in the alpha, theta, and delta ranges.

Aerospace Engineer Michael Herculese has discovered through experimenting with the frequency of 1.05 Hz (deep delta) that he has managed to not only increase the production of HGH, but also of serotonin and testosterone.

For beginners with this technology, though, it is important that they start with an alpha audio, and proceed to the deeper ranges after 1-2 months.

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