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ETF Income Engine Trade Alert Software Is Now Officially on Sale, Reports Online-Trading-News.com


Wells, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- In the past week a series of free training videos have been posted to Online-Trading-News.com that feature some profitable new ETF trading strategies from Bill Poulos, which are all incorporated into the new ETF Income Engine trade alert software.

Links to all of these training videos are available here, but Online-Trading-News.com are reporting that this trading software is now officially on sale, which means that people can now gain access to this software in order to start making money from the ETF markets.

This trade alert software is said to incorporate three profitable ETF trading methods - the Profit Replicator Method, the Profitblazer Method and the Windfall Method - and basically offers all the benefits of buy and hold investing without all the risk, and with all the profit potential of short-term trading.

This ETF Income Engine software alerts people to all the best trading opportunities from the main ETF markets based on these strategies, and people can manage their positions at the weekends in no longer than about 20 minutes. Therefore there is no need to constantly monitor positions or spend hours on end watching the markets during the week.

Commenting on this new ETF Income Engine trade alert software from Bill Poulos, a spokesman for Online-Trading-News.com said:

"Bill Poulos and his team at Profits Run have come up with some hugely profitable forex and stock trading strategies over the years, and built some automated trade alert software based on these strategies."

"However this is one of the few that focuses specifically on the ETF markets, which more and more people are starting to realize holds a lot of profit potential, and based on the fact that it has resulted in gains of 92.6% compounded over the last 4 years, equivalent to 23.2% per year, it does indeed seem to be extremely profitable if these results are anything to go by."

Anyone that would like to find out more about this ETF Income Engine trade alert software, or would like to find out where to buy this trading software, can do so by visiting:


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