Etherion - Advanced Skincare & Body Center Helping Women to Become Slimmer

26.3% of women are overweight or obese, but Etherion Advanced Skincare and Body Center can help reduce that figure with their new weight loss solutions


London, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- We are pleased to announced that Etherion's Advanced Skincare and Body Center who only uses high quality skin care products to help one's skin look luminous, youthful, hydrated, and wrinkle-free are are now offering weight loss solutions, helping their clients to become slimmer through products from the pro-energy range.

Etherion was established to help woman enhance their personal image, boost the beauty on the inside as well as on the outside by boosting their self confidence. Now, the experts in skincare are going to take that one step further by helping people to become slim and healthy. They will now be offering their clients a complete beauty and body service.

America has unfortunately become an unhealthy place with over 26.3% of women either overweight or obese. A large per percentage of these women are trying all kinds of different fad diets and techniques to lose weight but they are having little success. They are concerned at how being overweight or obese can affect their health which includes, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, but thanks to Etherion and their new weight loss solutions, women can receive the expert help they need to become slimmer with long lasting results with a diet plan for weight loss.

Etherion is an advanced skincare and body center which cares about women inside and out. They have set up a new weight loss service to help women who are worried about their weight and who want to become slimmer. The number one skincare and body center, with their friendly team, are determined to reduce the statistics of the women who are overweight in America, and help them become slimmer with their new Pro-Energy products.

If anyone want to feel beautiful inside and out and they want to lose weight with an all protein diet plan with a company that cares about one as a person, then please visit the Etherion website where the friendly team are waiting to meet and help one with their weight loss goals.

Visit now and meet the team and see the services that are on offer which includes weight loss solutions and a complete range of skin care solutions, to make one beautiful inside and out and give them the confidence that they need to live life to the full.

Katina Kritikos
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London, ON