Ethiopian at Home Launches Video Tips on Cooking Real Ethiopian Food

A new website has been launched where people who enjoy cooking and watch experts cooking Ethiopian food and learn the correct way to cook great dishes.


East Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- The Ethiopian At Home website has been launched to show people who want to experience real cooking that will impress their family and friends, how to cook real Ethiopian Dishes.

With more people turning to the Internet to find new recipes, Ethiopian At Home decided to take cooking tips websites a step further. They launched their site so people can watch videos where they can learn each step to making each dish. They provide a list of the entire ingredients needed to cook traditional Ethiopian dishes and Ethiopian fusion dishes combining Ethiopian spices with other cuisines, and they also supply the ingredients.

Ethiopian At Home ( gives people the chance to cook real Ethiopian cuisine that would impress family, friends, and even paying guests to restaurants. The instructions are very easy to follow. One example of a recipe featured on the site is Ethiopian Shrimp Tibs Fajitas

This is a twist on a classic Ethiopian recipe using shrimp instead of beef or chicken, and fusing it with a Tex-Mex favorite. I created this dish out of boredom with the usual football party fare of pizza and buffalo wings. This dish can also be served on tortillas and combined with refried beans and Spanish rice to make an easy meal, or served over rice, pasta, or with French or Italian bread.


(1) 1 sliced red onion
(2) 1 sliced green bell pepper sliced
(3) 1 sliced red bell pepper
(4) 1 sliced yellow bell pepper
(5) 2 sliced red chili peppers
(6) 1 pound medium or large shrimp
(7) ΒΌ cup of vegetable or canola oil
(8) 2 tbs of butter
(9) 4-6 ounces of clam juice or shrimp stock (boil shrimp shells to make homemade shrimp stock)
(10) 1 packet of "Ethiopian At Home" Shrimp Tibs Fajita Spice (available at "")
(11) Salt to taste
(12) sour cream, tortillas (optional)


(1) Place oil and butter into a large saute pan. Cook over medium heat until butter melts. Add peppers (green,red, yellow and chilis), clam juice (or shrimp stock), packet of "Ethiopian At Home" Shrimp Tibs Fajita Spice and a pinch of salt together to the oil and butter mixture. Combine and cook for 15 mins over medium heat.

(2) Add shrimp to the cooked mixture and cook for 10 minutes or until shrimp have curled into the shape of a C.

New videos are added to the site each week giving people the opportunity to try all different types of Ethiopian dishes. The ingredients needed to be used for the recipe can be ordered direct and delivered within days at the best possible prices.

To learn more about cooking Ethiopian food and having the ingredients delivered direct, please visit

About Ethiopian At Home
Ethiopian At Home Executive Chef, Sebla Adam, was born and raised in Ethiopia, and began her cooking education ever since she was able to hand her aunt ingredients near the open hearth. As she grew and learned, she became an expert in Ethiopian cuisine