Etiquette Expert Michael H Kaleikini Announces American Business Etiquette Training Now Available in Southwest States

Business etiquette training can provide a measurable advantage for businesses and individuals working towards maximizing their performance and effectiveness. Certified Business Etiquette Trainer Michael H Kaleikini recently announced he is now offering high quality training in this important area to both companies and individuals in the Southwest States.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- In the age of massive connectedness and ever increasing globalization some sets of skills are becoming more and more valuable everyday. Very high on the list, many business gurus agree, is what's broadly referred to as business etiquette. Covering a number of areas, which when developed guarantee better performance, a happier work environment and overall increased success more and more companies and individuals are seeking professional training in this area. In the Southwest United States, finding this kind of training has recently become easier and more affordable than ever. Certified Business Etiquette Trainer Michael H Kaleikini is now offering acclaimed, comprehensive training and the response has been wildly enthusiastic.

"This is an area I feel completely passionate about because I know that it changes businesses and lives for the better," commented Kaleikini. "I'm very proud to be called by my clients a 'Etiquette Expert' and deliver real value with each and every training."

According to the expert, receiving this kind of training provides an individual or company with a whole set of new skills including: increased ability in rapport and effective communication; confidence in reading and projecting body language that helps build trust at work; learning the rules of telephone, texting, IM and email business etiquette; reduced stress in inter business contacts as well as sales; reduced turnover and absenteeism; and much, much more.

Past client of Kaleikini have been quick to praise his effectiveness as a teacher.

Michael M., from California, recently said, "I was lucky enough to train with Michael and it was wonderful. I've seen my sales, customer relations and inter office relations abilities all improve dramatically. Five stars and fully recommended."

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