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Etsy Clone: Create Own Market and Start Selling


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- People can now avoid the hassles of marketing and selling their products or services. The Etsy clone script from Getsy, based in California, offers an easy way for people to earn money. Retailers or wholesalers can own their market corner, where they can sell their own products and services. In addition, they can charge a fee for other suppliers who subscribe to the site and sell their products.

Getsy has set up a website to demonstrate the working of this script. This demo script is stable, and it is an absolute standalone version. The Etsy Clone script can be customized to suit the client’s needs. Furthermore, every feature of the script can be administered. The customer has the provision of updating the logo, name of the store, slogan, categories, etc.

Additional languages as well as currencies can be put in, and all the labels can be translated within the system itself. All the changes made, come into force with immediate effect. If the customers wish to change the way their websites look, they can do that by accessing the design and layout files that are made available to them.

The code behind the script is optimized, so that the server is able to handle the load resulting from the simultaneous use of the site by thousands of customers. Every click made on the site results in a minimum load as possible. This enables hours of uninterrupted buying, selling, and marketing through the Etsy clone script.

On purchase of the license, the customer receives the complete installation package together with full administrator privileges. Moreover, if clients require any extra functionality such as a design or layout update, Getsy will develop it for them. Customers can request for this facility by sending them an email, and the staff at Getsy will give them an estimate within one business day.

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About Getsy
Getsy is an online company, based in Sacramento, California, which enables people to earn revenue by the application of its scripts. The latest from Getsy is the Etsy clone script that is easy to install, and multiplies the customer’s money by helping create a marketplace where products and services can be sold. Furthermore, the customer can also make more money by charging a fee for allowing other suppliers to use their site.

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