Etsy Clone Gets a Clone, an online market place now has a clone going by the name


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- is an online marketplace, where people can do business and converse with curators, shoppers and product makers. The Etsy team has mentioned that the website is a movement to rebuild human scale economies worldwide. Now has a clone which goes by the name ‘Etsy Clone’, sporting almost every feature offered by Etsy. The Etsy Clone allows users to create their own market place.

“Etsy Clone is an easy way to earn money as you can sell your own items, products or supplies by others in the marketplace that you create,” says the team behind Etsy Clone. They also add that users will also be able to charge a subscription fee applicable to subscribers who sell through the marketplaces they created. According to the company behind Etsy Clone, the clone supports unlimited number of users and products, just like the original version.

The users will be able to buy and sell the products, and manage transactions from a single panel for administration purposes. The company behind the clone also explains that a user will be able to add up to five images for a single product, along with a description. The Etsy clone script features ‘wishlists’, message communication with other members, inbuilt payment subsystems, feedback recording systems, product promoting systems etc.

The product allows members to close and reopen stores at will, and also provides a feature which can be used to send messages to customers indicating the Open/Closed status of the stores. According to the website, the product comes with an administration guide and can be installed easily. Once purchased, the product will also support lifetime updates. However, to use the product, the host of user needs to be compatible with it. The Etsy clone is designed to be compatible with smartphones and tablets also. Users will also be able to customize payment modules or select from multiple payment modules.

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About Etsy Clone
Etsy Clone is a community driven marketplace sharing similarities with, not just in the name but in many features. It was designed by taking SEO into account. It features social network integration allowing members to connect with their Facebook seller pages. Users can either directly sell the product or receive commissions for assisting the sales of a product in their marketplaces.

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