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Euchre Fun - the Best Place for Euchre Lovers to Find Euchre Events and Tournament Materials


Sterling Heights, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- Euchre is a card game that provides hours and hours of fun and relaxation for the players. It is hard to turn back once one knows how much fun Euchre is. Unfortunately many people are unable to find groups to play Euchre with in their area or have little knowledge about how to start their own groups. is a blog that has been created with the purpose of helping others who might want to start a Euchre group and don’t know where to begin; this website allows people to gather all the materials needed to host Euchre events or tournaments and to start having and sharing the fun that playing Euchre brings. is a great source to find:

- Free Euchre printables. The Euchre Fun Printables page offers all the different Euchre printable materials such as rotation charts, score cards and tally sheets  for any number of players between 8 and 20.  Open the PDF format of the materials and simply print them out.

- Instructions for running a Euchre Tournament including materials needed and steps to follow. Euchre enthusiasts who are really serious about the game and are considering having a Euchre tournament can follow the Instructions for running a Euchre Tournament.

- Euchre events in the Metro Detroit Area. This is a great resource of information for people who simply want to play Euchre at one of many Detroit area Euchre locations.

- Notice of International Euchre Tournaments. All the hardcore followers of the international Euchre scene would be able to keep a close eye on the happenings among Euchre tournaments in various countries.

- Euchre Tips & Trivia Facts such as the introduction of jokers in to the modern card decks due to the Euchre game; people who want to know more fun trivia facts and Euchre tips will enjoy the informative Trivia Thursday posts.

- Fun Euchre Ideas Giveaway will allow people to submit their unique ideas on how to make Euchre tournaments or card parties more fun and win a I Love (heart) Euchre Mug.

- Euchre card party theme ideas & recipes.  These are bound to make any Euchre game night much more fun and interesting.

- EuchreFun Video is a unique presentation on why is so much fun. Watch:

- Links to other Euchre sites. These links are great for gathering more information about Euchre and Euchre groups in different areas.

- Plus MORE Euchre information that can be accessed by visiting the EuchreFun website:

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