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Eureka Cycles Joins Cycle Schemes, Provides Interest Free Bikes & Tax Relief to Cyclists Everywhere


Cheshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2012 -- The list of reasons as to why cycling to work is such a fantastic option for so many is endless. If simply for the fitness and environmental reasons alone, cycling is becoming perhaps one of the most popular practical and recreational pastimes in the UK.

As congestion grips many urban centres and more and more people across the UK get frustrated both with never-ending traffic and the sedentary nature of modern life, UK residents everywhere turn to leading cycling and leading UK retailer Eureka Cycle Sports.

A one stop shop for anyone interested in cycling, whether it’s commuting, on the road or perhaps on one of their wide selection of off-road mountain bikes, Eureka Cycle Sports has once again set the cycling community on fire with the recent announcement that it has signed up with some of the country’s most respected Cycle Scheme providers. The result? Now people across the UK can gain access to interest-free loans to purchase bikes and accessories while also qualifying for attractive income tax relief.

Eureka Cycle Sports has long been committed to the cycling community in the UK and the benefits cycling have to offer for all those who undertake the sport, whether as a athletic endeavour, hobby or leisure activity. The fact that their large range of everything from road bikes to mountain bikes and every piece of cycling paraphernalia in between is now easier than ever for UK residents to obtain is an exciting proposition indeed.

The team behind Eureka Cycle Sports have long been at the forefront of providing both quality products and quality service within the industry. “We are committed to giving you expert advice in a friendly honest environment. If we don’t have it in stock we will get it for you. If we don’t know the answer to your questions we will find them,” the team confirm. Their passion for cycling is only matched by their range of bikes – whether its mountain, road or triathlon bikes, Eureka has everything a cycling enthusiastic could ask for. And now, with the benefit of Cycle Schemes, an interest free loan for bikes and accessories is the icing on the cake.

So now the UK has the benefit of two of the most exciting things to happen to cycling in the history of the sport; the knowledgeable, dedicated team behind Eureka Cycle Sports and the Cycle Scheme programs which will offer affordable cycling to so many. This seems like a partnership destined for big things, so it can be no wonder that thousands of avid cyclists are flocking to the one place they trust for a huge range of great bikes and the best quality customer service, Eureka Cycle Sports.

About Eureka Cycle Sports
Eureka Cycle Sports was founded by a team of passionate cyclists hell-bent on bring the best bikes and accessories to enthusiasts across the UK and beyond. Committed to the passionate cycling community in this country, the Eureka Cycle Sports team also own the famous Eureka Cyclists Cafe, a legendary cyclist’s venue which has been the meeting place for pro riders, leisure cyclists and cycling clubs for over 77 years. A trusted friend to experienced racers and hobbyists everywhere, Eureka Cycling is a one stop shop successfully fulfilling every riders need in the area of equipment and friendly service.

For more information, visit http://www.eurekacyclesports.co.uk