Europe Renewable Energy Market Is Currently Trading in Germany: Industry Outlook 2015-2020

Peer to peer trading of renewable energy is now heading into large-scale phases with several markets beginning to dip their feet into the pool, including the United States and recently, Germany.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- Let's take a quick look at all the biggest renewable energy sources that are up for trading. Offshore wind energy, which is considered far more effective than its onshore counterpart, is still undergoing major technological development in order to be considered a vastly effective replacement for conventional fuels. But at the same time, research and development efforts are taking place in North America and Europe to make it so. This only means that both onshore and offshore wind energy markets are set to receive major boosts in their output capacities. This will easily drop trading prices to a more economical value and create a much more relaxed trade facility. Practically similar things can be said about tidal and solar energy. Solar energy is already heading into large-scale usage through the application of solar towers and improved solar PV cells.

This rapidly developing field of renewables is now entering a phase where large-scale trading of resources is possible. For instance, Sonnenbatterie, a German company, has created a trading platform for renewable distributed energy. It is offering a method for small solar and wind energy companies to buy and sell their power generation throughout the power utility grid.

The trading system will launch in 2016 and will be made accessible through subscription. It will be limited within the German power grid. The system hails a bright future for smaller solar power companies that can use it as an alternative revenue stream. They can no produce surplus power if they can and sell it off easily within the grid.

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Report Table of Contents

Chapter One Industry Overview
1.1 Definition and Specifications of Renewable Energy
1.2 Classification of Renewable Energy
1.3 Applications of Renewable Energy
1.4 Industry Chain Structure of Renewable Energy
1.5 Industry Overview of Renewable Energy
1.6 Industry Policy Analysis of Renewable Energy
1.7 Industry News Analysis of Renewable Energy

Chapter Two Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Renewable Energy
2.1 Bill of Materials (BOM) of Renewable Energy
2.2 BOM Price Analysis of Renewable Energy
2.3 Labor Cost Analysis of Renewable Energy
2.4 Depreciation Cost Analysis of Renewable Energy
2.5 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Renewable Energy
2.6 Manufacturing Process Analysis of Renewable Energy

Chapter Three Technical Data and Manufacturing Plants Analysis
3.1 Capacity and Commercial Production Date of Europe Key Manufacturers in 2014
3.2 Manufacturing Plants Distribution of Europe Key Renewable Energy Manufacturers in 2014
3.3 R&D Status and Technology Source of Europe Renewable Energy Key Manufacturers in 2014
3.4 Raw Materials Sources Analysis of Europe Renewable Energy Key Manufacturers in 2014

Chapter Four Production Analysis of Renewable Energy by Regions, Technology, and Applications
4.1 Europe Production of Renewable Energy by Regions (Key Provinces) 2010-2015
4.2 Europe Production of Renewable Energy by Product Types 2010-2015
4.3 Europe Sales of Renewable Energy by Applications 2010-2015
4.4 Price Analysis of Europe Renewable Energy Key Manufacturers in 2015
4.5 Europe Capacity, Production, Import, Export, Sales, Price, Cost and Revenue of Renewable Energy 2010-2015

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