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Europe Softgel Capsules Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2021: Market Research Globe

Softgel capsules are more commonly called as soft gelatin capsules and these capsules are soft yet solid and are sealed hermetically in a shell form.


Lincoln, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2016 -- These capsules are filled up with an active agent component in a semi-solid or liquid form. The outer shell of the gelatin capsules is manufactured using gelatin, water and plasticizer and additionally a few more components like preservatives, acids and medicaments (for desired effects), opacifying agents, sugars and other flavoring agents, etc., are added to the softgel capsules. In earlier times, softgel capsules were first manufactured for the sole purpose of masking the awful taste and odor of the medicinal substance. Nowadays, apart from oral intake, softgel capsules are also used for ophthalmic salves (aplicaps), and for vaginal and rectal plug medications. In the European market, budding industries such as cosmetics, neutraceutical, pharmaceuticals and R&D labs highly lend a positive hand towards the growth of the Europe Softgel Capsules Market.

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The Europe Softgel Capsules Market based on its type is segmented into two forms – gelatin and non-animal type, and the applications of these capsules are health supplements, pharmaceuticals, and other categories which include, cosmetics, salves, etc. One of the leading softgel manufacturing companies in Europe, EuroCaps, produced more than 2.3 billion softgel capsules alone in 2014. After, the United States, regionally it is Europe which has a prolonged history and constant market status in this softgel capsule industry. In fact, Europe is accountable for more than 24% of the total production of these capsules in the world. Also, the market segment country-wise is segregated into Germany, UK, France, Russia, and Italy. Presently, majority of the softgel capsule manufacturers in the world are situated either in Western Europe or U.S. According to the statistical data, Europe sweeps the global softgel capsules production by almost 27%. Over the forecast period, as and when the competition intensifies, other elements factors fuelling the market of this industry are several company's mergers and acquisitions along with cooperation from the inter-companies.

Population across the globe is taking keen efforts towards increasing environment standards and irrespective of the rising competition; investors have an optimistic outlook and approach about this segment. As a result, more players are approaching and investing in this field and this has lucratively impacted the European Softgel Capsules Market. A few key players in this segment are EuroCaps, Aenova, Capsugel, Catalent, GAP, NBTY, Patheon, Nutrition Group, and Bee Health.

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