Eutree Wide Plank Flooring

Eutree Makes Reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring

Eutree supplies Plank Flooring made from Reclaimed, Forest Free, and Sustainably Harvested materials. Their specialty includes Black Walnut and Quarter Sawn Oak Plank Flooring.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- Eutree is a Plank Flooring and Furniture company based out of Atlanta Georgia that specializes in Reclaimed Plank Flooring. Eutree saws and processes most of their own materials in the old world style. Quarter Sawn flooring is the most stable of all natural flooring products and Eutree uses this method every week. Eutree sends floors throughout North America and even into Canada. With close relationships in the shipping industry Eutree is able to craft a custom floor and have it delivered for a very reasonable cost.

Plank Flooring is becoming more popular as homeowners continue to search for new and interesting products for their homes. While Hardwood Flooring has been popular for many years it is the recent resurgence of Plank Flooring that has really allowed Eutree to grow. For many homeowners and architects there is a small learning curve when it comes to the differences in plank flooring.

Eutree works primarily with Black Walnut, Oak, Hickory, and Pine lumber to make their floors and furniture. Many homeowners have grown up with Oak Flooring but haven’t ever had a Plank Floor. Eutree makes each floor one at a time after spending days, weeks, and even months helping their customer pick and plan the perfect floor. How wide should they go? How long will the planks be? What species and thickness? These are just a handful of questions that will be asked and answered through the consultation process.

Eutree is featured on as one of the most popular flooring providers and features many photographs from recent flooring and furniture projects. There are also many reviews from previous companies that give readers details of their projects. Eutree has a convenient submission link on their website to begin your project or just ask questions. Check out their blog to get some ideas and maybe you can be the next project showcased on their site!

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