Evan Haines of Alo House Speaks with Danielle Delaney, Addiction Aftercare Specialist, on "The Real Deal with Danielle Delaney"


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2016 -- October 4, 2016 2pm PT on "The Real Deal With Danielle Delaney" on VoiceAmerica, Evan Haines, Co-Founder of Alo House Recovery Centers will be Interviewed by Danielle Delaney, Crisis Interventionist and Addiction Aftercare Specialist, about his life and his work, creating Alo House, and what Evan calls "Solving the Riddle of Addiction."

About Danielle Delaney
Danielle Delaney is a Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor, specialist in Addiction & Recovery Aftercare, Rape Crisis Counselor, Spiritual Counselor, and is also a Sober Coach and an Interventionist. She also specializes in the area of Adults Molested as Children as well as LGBT issues and drug-assisted rape and survivors of domestic violence. With a decade of experience, Danielle works with individuals, families and couples seeking healing and resolution of their challenges, and helps them to more clearly see the path to their holistic wellness and to their higher selves. She hosts "The Real Deal With Danielle Delaney" on VoiceAmerica, the World Leader in Internet Media, on Tuesdays at 2PM PT. She is the preeminent and top regarded Interventionist to the most notable addiction recovery centers throughout Malibu, California as well as internationally.

Danielle is the President and Founder and CEO of a prolific sober companioning business, Danielle Delaney Counseling, Incorporated. DDC, Inc. provides registered nurses and companions to patients as they are being discharged from inpatient facilities and sober living homes, so that they may have invaluable assistance in beginning their lives again with structure. The companion aids in identifying and addressing stumbling blocks in the client's lives that contributed to their difficulties and addictions.

Danielle Delaney has the distinction of being the youngest and the only woman of color to own a Sober Companioning business in the United States of America. She is soon to be featured in a "Top 50 Under 50" piece about American Female Entrepreneurs as well as appearing as a Specialist in an upcoming documentary about healing and retraining the brain.

In addition to her work as a Counselor and as an Interventionist with numerous inpatient facilities internationally, Danielle maintains her private practice in Hollywood, California and works with crime survivors with the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) for The City of Long Beach and works as a State Certified court advocate. She works as a volunteer on the hotlines for suicide and rape. Her practice as a concierge counselor often involves going to the homes of high profile individuals so that they may maintain their privacy whilst seeking help. Danielle can be found listed in Psychology Today. She is also a writer and is a contributor to numerous health journals including those for the Minority Health Institute, The Association of Black Cardiologists, and the National Medical Association, and has been filmed for a segment for the television series "The Doctors." Her first book "Expect Delays" will be released in December 2017. She works with the boards of The One Wish Foundation and The Joyful Heart Foundation, and was on the Board of Directors for Dr. Frank Ryan's Bony Pony Ranch Foundation for at-risk youth. The County of Los Angeles Office of Protocol has hailed Danielle as a "proven asset to the City and County of Los Angeles." She has made numerous appearances on Radio MD, Rewired Radio with Erica Spiegelman, and appeared on five-time Emmy winner Sheila Hamilton's radio show in Portland, Oregon. Danielle's media, voiceover work and appearances can be found under Delangerous Productions. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of both Divinity and of Theology, and will be launching her International Sobriety and Recovery Lifestyle Brand of clothing in 2017.

Danielle holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from UCLA and has earned additional certifications at the Sexual Assault Crisis Agency in Orange County. As a survivor herself, she is uniquely qualified to understand and assist her clients. Through her work and contributions, Danielle is dedicated to assisting people in affecting enduring & beneficial changes in their lives and in making sense of the chaotic world around them. She travels the globe speaking to audiences as a Motivational Speaker and as an expert in Addiction and Recovery and sex crimes.

About Evan Haines, MA
Evan is Co-Founder of an innovative treatment program called 'Alo House Recovery Centers', formerly known as Acadia Malibu. He grew up with addiction and the problems it brings - all around him. He too suffered himself for many years with his own issues. Immersing himself in the recovery community and becoming a valuable member of it for many years, he then embarked on a years-long journey, becoming "obsessed", as he puts it, with solving "the riddle of addiction treatment". Evan is always searching for how to help clients more effectively and finding out what works or doesn't work to continue to evolve and create a more healing and nurturing environment for those dealing with substance use disorder and all of its many facets. As a father himself of 2 beautiful daughters, he relates not only to the addict themselves, but also to the pain and agony many families feel when their loved ones suffer with addiction and the destruction it brings. In 2010, it felt very natural for he and Jared Valentine, who is Evan's lifelong friend, to create Alo House, which has become one of the most successful treatment programs in the area. Evan has a natural ability to connect with clients, and bring out a sense of hope in them. This, in fact, is one of his many passions. He refuses to believe that there is anyone beyond help or hope and will do this for clients until they can do it for themselves.

Evan has a Master's Degree in Community Development Planning from the University of British Columbia. His strong academic background, coupled with years of hands-on experience doing community-organizing work with non-profits, makes him a great leader to the Alo House team. An example of this is the 'Alo House Farms' project, an exercise in community economic development. It gives clients valuable work experience in a variety of areas, while simultaneously building their self-esteem, as they feel part of something larger than themselves, and positively affects those around them.

Evan's core beliefs about addiction and treatment can be summed up in The Alo House Manifesto:


1. We believe in connection, not control … We don't need rules to hold our clients; instead, we engage with them, and hold them with our genuine care and concern.

2. We allow our clients to maintain their dignity, and we make sure to always show them as much kindness as we possibly can.

3. We understand that shame is counter-productive to genuine growth and healing.

4. We believe in giving our clients enough structure to keep them safe, yet providing enough freedom to challenge their growth.

5. We emphasize that there is more than one path to recovery. Bill Wilson, himself, stated that "AA has no monopoly on reviving alcoholics."

6. We want to provide each of our clients with the most positive and personally profound experience of recovery possible – the most important thing we can do is to make treatment, and recovery in general, an attractive way of life for all our clients.

7. We believe that addiction is characterized by a profound sense of disconnection, and that the antidote to this problem comes from engagement in a loving experience of community.

8. We seek to employ a strengths-based approach, and always work to empower our clients, to help them achieve self-efficacy, and to help them discover and connect to their passion.

9. We teach our clients to become personally responsible for their lives, to not blame others for their problems, or to view themselves as victims. We will always maintain our sense of passion, commitment, and genuineness for the work we do with our clients.

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