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Evangelist Author, Fay Julius-Williams, Exposes Keys to Biblical Health & Financial Success in Enlightening Books

‘Keys to Biblical Financial Success’ and ‘Keys to Biblical Divine Health’ prove that living in God’s blessing can provide greater health and better finances. While these claims may first appear bold, Julius-Williams’ unwavering belief in her readers and God turns each book into a life-changing opportunity to embrace faith and its fruits.


Liberty, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- There is no denying that everyone searches for greater health and prosperous finances. However, while the answer to such quests is often impossible to find, two new books by Evangelist Fay Julius-Williams prove that the answers well and truly lie within God’s work.

‘Keys to Biblical Financial Success’ and ‘Keys to Biblical Divine Health’ provide faith-oriented action plans that can be studied, applied to life and eventually transformed into a renewed sense of life with the Lord.

“The Lord has immense healing power, all people need to do is invite him into their lives so he can turn their experience on Earth around. If we believe in God and put faith in his word, he can bring us the health, security and balance we all crave,” says Julius Williams, who has blessed thousands of people throughout her life.

Book synopses:

‘Keys to Biblical Financial Success’ - God wants his people to be prosperous in every area, including finances. ‘Keys to Biblical Financial Success’ is an awesome teaching tool regarding God’s plan for the success of man. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants so that they may prosper in service to Him. Fay shares covenant truths and promises that are available for God’s people so they may live in God’s blessing and abundance.

‘Keys to Biblical Divine Health’ - The purpose of this book is to help readers unlock the healing power of The Lord in their life and those around them as it did in the author’s life. Keys are revealed that will stir faith, generate hope and encouragement to stand on the promises of God until victory is manifested. Put God first in all things. No matter what readers need, he will come on the scene and help. The Lord paid the price for all sickness on the cross. No bondage can hold people captive when they take care of their bodies by good eating habits, proper nutritional supplements, exercise and staying out of sin, praying, and standing on God's Word.

As the author explains, everything she shares with others has been successful on a personal level.

“I’m not just forwarding information, but sharing a journey that resulted in profound changes in my own experience. Believe it or not, part of God’s mission is to make his servants abundantly successful, so embracing The Lord and accepting his word is the first step towards a radical new life,” says Julius-Williams.

Continuing, “Truths and promises shared in these books will enlighten and empower people to live in God's blessing and abundance. Reading what I have to stay is the first step to commitment; make this commitment now!”

Both books, published by Xulon Press, are available now.

‘Keys to Biblical Financial Success’ - http://bit.ly/1h4TSln.

‘Keys to Biblical Divine Health’ - http://bit.ly/1faf3LQ.

About Fay Julius-Williams
Fay Julius-Williams’ message of encouragement is that all believers can live victorious lives in Jesus Christ. She teaches others to thirst and hunger after a deeper walk with God and to discover that when God’s Word is believed and applied, it will work.

God has given Fay an evangelistic heart that cares about all of His people. She has been willing and obedient to share her faith where ever God’s Spirit leads. Many people are blessed by the anointing that flows from Fay. Fay is married to Harvey and she is also a mother.