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Even Small Firms Can Save Big with Fleet Trackers

For not more than a decade, fleet tracking systems have been used to reduce the operating expenses and raise the productivity of labor force of large firms. While these large firms are enjoying the benefits of the fleet tracking system, small and medium businesses are not inclined to have the system installed on their vehicles; either the lack of budget or these businesses are just naïve on what the system is capable of.


Harrogate, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Originally, this system is tailor made for large enterprises. It’s not just the set up cost per automobile that holds back the small businesses from having the fleet trackers installed but also the required technology which their office seems to lack.

Fleet management service providers changed this situation, for the system now comes in an affordable price while packing a high-powered computation ideal for small to medium businesses. Also, the information from fleet trackers can now be viewed online. Even via smart mobile devices, the fleet’s information is viewable. Fleet tracking has never been this convenient.

Due to technological advancement, SMBs (small and medium sized businesses) can now enjoy the benefits that the big ones are experiencing not more than ten years ago.

Given the fact that the fleet tracking system reduces the operating expenses and increases the productivity of the fleet operators’ workforce, how does this system do this?

When the system is installed to the company’s vehicles, owners will be able to see the whereabouts of his assets. The information bound in the travel is sent over the air and through the owner’s system. Having real time updates on the vehicles’ location gives the owners peace of mind, knowing that his assets and workers are safe.

Fleet tracking system’s evident benefit is that it reduces fuel consumption. Providers claim that with the system installed on a vehicle, a company can save up to ten to fifteen percent of fuel expenses for being able to properly distribute the vehicles to jobs – by knowing which vehicle is the nearest to commit to the job . And with the use of a routing software that comes with the system, the vehicle owners are able to find the most efficient way to get the job done. This leaves the client satisfied for the job is delivered on a timely manner. Also, this reduces the tendencies of overtime pay on workforce and insurance premiums.

With the Global Positioning system as well, business owners are able to keep track of the vehicles. This makes the management reporting of time and location accurate. Undoubtedly, fleet tracking system is a business efficiency tool that allows business owners get the most out of their assets.

With all these benefits, fleet tracking system truly is something to invest in. Now that this is made affordable to small and medium sized businesses and to be able to view the information no longer require a specialized system that can also be installed on private automobiles. The need of automotive security is not limited to business owners and fleet operators. Private individuals are in need of this as well to secure their assets.

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