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"Even Though I Cannot Stay": Compassionate & Wise Words in Beautiful New Book Soothes Separation Anxiety in Children

From author Rita Z. Graham, this gorgeously illustrated and lovingly written new children’s book is a simple and effective way for family and friends to tell kids – “I’ll always love you, no matter where I go.”


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- “Even though I cannot stay, I’ll still love you tomorrow as much as I love you today.”

This phrase is at the heart of a sweet and lovely new children’s book by author Rita Z. Graham.

Titled, ‘Even Though I Cannot Stay’, the book follows a young African American boy as he interacts with his beloved family members and one close family friend. While the interactions are filled to the brim with love and affection, the visitations must inevitably come to an end. Many parents and caregivers will relate to these moments, which often end in confusion or tears.

With the help of Graham’s book, children will come to learn that while people in his or her life may have to leave for one reason or another, the child is not the reason the adult is leaving. Love, Graham teaches, crosses all boundaries and can even follow people to the ends of the earth.

Sweet and sure in its message of love, inclusion and acceptance; ‘Even Though I Cannot Stay’ is perfect for children of divorced or single parent homes, children who live with members of the armed forces and children from multicultural families.

Official Synopsis:

Saying goodbye is never easy. And in this highly mobile world, those around us may often have to leave our sides. In those times, we should always remember that although we cannot see our loved ones, they are still with us. They still love us each and every day!

The book was written by Graham as a loving gesture toward her nephew, who was suffering from loneliness and anxiety from being away from close family members after a move to another state.

At six-years-old, Graham’s nephew was unable to see the changes as anything but his family loving him less, and through ‘Even Though I Cannot Stay’, he was able to comprehend that his family adored him – no matter their location, near or far.

“When I sent this book to my nephew I had him explain to me what it meant to him,” says the author. “At first he regurgitated my catchphrase from the book’s title. Then when I asked him to interpret the catchphrase, he told me "it means that no matter where you go, you still love me." That was it! He got it! That made my heart pound with satisfaction. This is why the story is so important.”

Continuing: “This book is, for me, a book of the heart, and I think that it can help a lot of children cope with the changing world around them.”

‘Even Though I Cannot Stay’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1pqJKaq

About the Author: RIta Z. Graham
RIta Z. Graham is the author of “Big Brother Little Brother,” a book about sibling rivalry, and an attorney hailing from Brooklyn, NY. She attended Vassar College and Georgetown University Law Center. In her spare time, she volunteers for organizations dedicated to addressing children’s issues.