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Event Planning Company BUZZRegistration Facilitates Event Planning Through Technology


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- Premiere event planning company BUZZRegistration is making executives' lives easier by facilitating event planning with technology. With a handy event registration form template, BUZZRegistration gives busy CEOs and executives time to handle the important aspects of a conference: greeting guests, networking, and presentations.

Registration becomes streamlined and can be handled completely online, freeing up valuable work time in order to allow companies to focus on the conference content and the guests themselves.

As a spinoff of Global Planners, Inc., BUZZRegistration facilitates registration and management of guests for large events. With event planner software , BUZZRegistration gives busy executives the power to create an event registration form that can be handled completely online for any event, cutting down tremendously on paperwork at the event itself.

BUZZRegistration works with executives to create a custom registration and event plan. Some CEOs and companies prefer to outsource all tasks related to a conference; others like a “hands-on” approach. With BUZZRegistration, companies are in control of how much they outsource and how much they handle themselves. BUZZRegistration professionals will provide round-the-clock support to ensure that a conference, seminar or meeting runs smoothly.

Because BUZZRegistration works closely with Global Planners, Inc., clients have access to any amount of support services for event planning. BUZZRegistration and Global Planners, Inc., can handle everything from the moments guests register for the conference until the last person is out the door. From online registration to ordering catering, securing venues and booking entertainment, Global Planners, Inc., can help. With the full range of services provided by BUZZRegistration and Global Planners, Inc., companies can rest assured that their next meeting will be a huge success.

When customers choose BUZZRegistration, the have access to a full menu of services. Customers can opt for the specific services they require without paying for a set amount of service that may be too much or too little for success with their meetings or seminars. BUZZRegistration allows companies to create their own customized services menu for optimum event planning and management. Executives looking to streamline the process of event registration are encouraged to contact BUZZRegistration today for more information.

About BUZZRegistration
BUZZRegistration is an event planning company that handles online event management, conference registration and all types of planning and coordination for busy executives. With online registration software, BUZZRegistration meeting planners can handle events of any size and coordinate all aspects of meetings and conferences, leaving company executives free to do their jobs without the worry and hassle of registering and managing guests. A spinoff of Global Planners, Inc., BUZZRegistration specifically handles online event registration for large groups.

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